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The Arctic vortex has returned to NYC. I'm dressing defensively. As Pingson noted, three-piece suits are THE shit today . . .

Suit, shirt, tie, overcoat - BB
Cufflinks - Boston Museum of Fine Arts
PS - Vintage J Press
Vintage watch chain
Boots - Paul Stuart
Silk/cashmere scarf - Fortnum & Mason, London
Striped scarf - Castell's of Oxford.
Hat - Selentino

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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nice textures there Don  ^^^^^

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Originally Posted by eviltimeban View Post

It's a lovely fit DC, but I still fear for your tie knots...

I really think a Half-Windsor would suit him better. DC-why don't you try one sometime with a spread collar?
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Originally Posted by Pingson View Post

Yet another three-piece, seems to be THE shit today......

Ping, as always...that is one of the best suits ever seen on the site. But the combo with those shoes really takes it to another level. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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It's really freaking cold in D.C.!

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I know you hate the dress code and think you're boring and conservative Poodle, but there's essentially nothing wrong with this unless one wants to not pick minor details. So stop fretting and just relax and enjoy the sartorial journey without getting your knickers in a knot every time someone suggests a slight tweak to your outfits.
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Will do, Laniceman. I need to calm the heck down and just enjoy.  

And thanks for reminding me.:fonz: 

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Originally Posted by upr_crust View Post


Those boots inlove.gif
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Three beautiful three-piece hits there, gents.  I'm feeling left out as today was an "odd" day for me.  I'd better get a three back on tomorrow.  Great set of shoes going on too - and nice socks, Don, and I think the texture of the solid tie and a patterned PS really finishes that off perfectly.  Exemplary line up on this page.  Yes, even you Noodles - as Ian said, there's just nothing wrong with you today, so relax!

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I wish I had a three-piece... *sigh*
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what's a three piece?:nest:

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Well, if you're now in your junior year at the high school of ties and about to go to the college of buying some nice blue shirts and non-blue suits, then think of the three piece as your masters. :)

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I think I have about 10 years left before I can don on a 3 piece suit. No can do for me. Not the look I want...yet. 

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It's just "don a three-piece suit".  Not "don on..".  You're right, the masters can wait.  But don't underestimate how awesome a young man can look in a full suit. :)

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After the 3-pieces suit from the nightshift last night, which I posted this morning, here my outfit for my leisure time (after a short sleep from only 4,5 hours).I hope it´s not  too much for you, that I have posted two outfits this day.


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