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^^^ Agreed.  I don't like checked shirts (other than gingham) but this looks great.

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I mostly like it, DC, but I think I'd like it better without the tie.
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Originally Posted by HannibalBarca View Post

Hello again today, gents!

Today was cold so I wore a tweed jacket and a long-hair hat for warmth.
  Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

What do you guys think of the lapel size and the cut?


EFV nailed it upthread: some nice details, but looks small on you esp. at the waist and probably the hips too (though the latter is difficult to be sure about until the waist fits better). Shoulders are built up, but they go rather well with your hat and general features if you're after a retro vibe... reminds me of some of those old b&w gangster movies. In fact - and there's precious few outfits that I say this with  - if you were to ditch the multicoloured shirt for a plain white buttondown shirt but with an ascot, I think this could be a quite fun look.

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Originally Posted by SackSuitLover View Post

Very pricey sport jacket by Dolce & Gabbana (44 drop7 regular)

trousers  wool and cachemire by JosBank (38 long pleated)

shirt by Paul&Shark (17)





Are those Blu Blockers?

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Bundling up for a Saturday morning. Scarf: "Howlin'" by Morrison.
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A little chilly and windy today. Sorry the wind makes the fit look a little off. (Vent is always closed at rest on this jacket)



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I chose the jacket first. I really like the fit of it and the fabric is heavy and warm. I chose the pants next. I've worn this jacket with wool trousers before and I felt that the formality level was a little too different. Instead I chose cotton cords this time in a contrasting color. Next I chose the shirt. Given the earthy tones and texture of the jacket a light blue oxford seemed to be the best choice. I think that I'd like to get some spread collar shirts in rougher fabric, but for now this ocbd is the best I have. I chose the shoes and belt next. Previously I have worn this jacket with some dark brown bluchers. After switching to cords I wanted to try a boot instead and see how it looked. I think boots are more in line with the hacking jacket tradition anyways (though not necessarily in this style.) Finally I picked the tie. A dark muted knit seemed to complement everything perfectly.

After trying on a bunch of jackets today, I think I have decided this is my best fitting one. I am going to start looking out for this brand more closely, as fit is very important. I am slightly concerned about the shoulders, not sure if they seem a tad too big. I'd be curious what you guys think of the fit. Please keep in mind that the vent is closed at rest, the wind is simply blowing it open. In fact I feel this jacket has one of the best waist to hip ratios of any of my jackets for my build and is partially why I am so keen on the fit.

Comments and criticisms are welcomed.
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Out to dinner with the girls tonight, pre return to work/school last hurrah!

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Brother's birthday in London. Girlfriend helped with all the wrinkles, thankfully. Tie is brown with small yellow dots, but not shiny at all IRL.





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For Bernoulli -
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Thanks for the tip. Although I abhor things involving the military, I can't say I am careful tucking my shirts. That is the only issue on going out sans belt - I do it rarely but will keep an eye on better tucking.

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SB and Cleav, really nice.

Deets on shoes, Cleav?
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Here are the entrants so far:


Showing off their family values (Click to show)
Originally Posted by DonCologne View Post






Originally Posted by timotune View Post



Tie: Exquisite Trimmings (a great Grenadine at this price point!)
Square: Vanda Tiger Zodiac
Shoes: Meermin



Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post



4 Patterns, 4 Family Members. Yount, Carter, Unipair, Wang.



Originally Posted by Pliny View Post

tie-  Henry Carter 7 fold Repp

Square- Hober Challis

Suit-  Wang

Socks-  Malford onsell of something or other





Originally Posted by Spandexter View Post

Jacket - Isaia via eHaberdasher

Shirt - Barba via Shop The Finest

Tie - Henry Carter

Pants - Howard Yount

Square - Kent Wang

Belt - Epaulet

Shoes - Alfred Sargent via A Fine Pair Of Shoes







Originally Posted by Murlsquirl View Post

Luxire (pants)
Gentlemens Footwear (Carmina shoes)
Sam Hober (tie)





Originally Posted by Holdfast View Post



Don't own enough AV items to be competitive given the weighting system in place this week, but here's a fit with a Luxire shirt and a Kent Wang square:





Originally Posted by RogerC View Post

Jacket: Gordon Yao (part of a 3piece, but works standalone as well)
Tie: Sam Hober
PS: Drakes, purchased from Exquisite Trimmings



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So far gotta be one of the best fields eva (#4 excepted lol):slayer:

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I'm gonna say this right now. My vote is gonna be worthless. I'm gonna vote for everybody, straight up.

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