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I wore black shoes without a suit for the first time in...well...ever.



SF Family:


Panta (tie)

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Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

I wore black shoes without a suit for the first time in...well...ever.


I think they would work very well for that outfit. A really dark burgundy would also have been nice. But I prefer black here more; all the colours are either icy or steely blues, so black must mesh nicely.

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Clags I really really like that sc!

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Originally Posted by ridethecliche View Post

I don't see any clashes!

I would have gone lighter if you had one though. I also think that the tie and the jacket look too similar in tone over there, but that might just be the image.

I like it, but was just being slightly critical!

Why not a richer yellow more saturated. What seems to me a bit discordant is the level of brightness of the yellow which against the dark brown and the deeper red/burgundy just draws all attention to the hank. Makes it less an accent than a centerpiece. I would actually go more saturated and even darker a tad. But I think in the yellow range was the right idea. Subdued gold? Certain shades of green would have worked IMO (again not bright...the drakes Navajos a few page back)

Agree about not needing to match. Complementing is good too paricularly with hanks.
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That said I was going to say that Claghorn seems too blue on top, but I like the look. It settles nicely the more you look at it. Cool in a tonal way. Even though the PS Is blue the contrast in the pattern makes it an astute choice, IMO. And why shouldn't we feel a bit blue now and again. Nice look.
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thanks for the likes yesterday, gents.

clags, smart move. i cant see that fit with brown shoes except for maybe a very dark chocolate suede.
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Originally Posted by YRR92 View Post

Originally Posted by ridethecliche View Post

I'm trying to figure out what the pocket square goes with. Your socks?


I think upr_crust has the same tie. I just drove myself crazy trying to find this picture -- he paired it with a plain light green satin hank. The light green is actually a great idea -- it has the same relationship with the purple in the suit as the forest green in the tie has with the tie's purple. I'm not crazy about plain satin hanks, and I think the light green works because the suit here is lighter than my coat.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I do indeed have the same tie, and the light green PS works because it picks up the green from the tie, and because my suit was lighter than than your navy blazer, and wouldn't have been as great a contrast were you to have used the same PS with your jacket.
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Incidentally since we've been talking about Drake's pocket squares and Sugar Butch's nice sand square, here are other colors in that pattern, at $39 at Barneys.




They have the green one too, and a few other pocket squares from this season.

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Yeah, I just didn't like the way the textures and colors were popping. I agree that the PS seemed to be the center of attention there when it shouldn't have.

Honestly, I agree about clags PS as well though I have to admit I didn't really notice it at first. I also like how the patch pocket is almost in line with the pattern, but not quite. It adds a bit of flavor to everything!

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Thanks for the feedback, gents.

Upr, I think I might try a square with some light green if I paired it with a navy blazer, but a green against the warm brown would be tricky for me.

RTC, slight criticism is good. But if something works, then it works. The tie and jacket are both quite saturated, though the tie is a little lighter in terms of value (I'd call it "a shade," but that's arbitrary), and of course the hues are perfectly different (though the complementary colors might read as brown from a great distance).

TweedyProf, I think I like my hanks to have a bit more contrast with the coat than your ideal -- at least with such a dark coat. I'd have considered white linen if the shirt had more white in it. I tend to think their primary function is as part of the silhouette. Do you really think it's discordant the way, like, a crimson neat would be?

EDIT: RTC, may I ask for your thoughts on the textures?

TweedyProf, though the colors in that Drake's square are lovely, I think it would be too busy against this tie. Maybe with a plain shirt and a mid-gray flannel suit. Also, by my math, I don't quite push $39 worth of clothes (what I paid, obviously, not what they cost) above the ankles in this fit, and I couldn't bring myself to spend that much on a square. shog[1].gif
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Haha, sure.

That jacket is pretty texture heavy and that was really visible on the way that image was taken. Comparatively, the tie and PS (more so the PS) just look flat. The tie's rigid horizontal twill compared with the almost 'wabi sabi' nature of the jacket and the 'flatness' of the PS just look a little disharmonious to me.

I'm being very critical here, mind you. I still think it looks good although I would have gone with a different PS. A darker one, I think.


All this coming from someone that can barely dress himself, so...

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I'd describe both tie and coat as "soft" and "dry." The square and shirt are relatively smooth -- the square verges on "wet." A lot of people don't like "wet" silk squares with countryish clothes. I think there's a line, but I'm on the comfortable side of it. I actually think a coat with this kind of texture works well with a fairly shiny (wet) tie -- moreso than a tweed, though not as much as a regular flannel.

I've tried the coat with a very rough tie before, and haven't liked it. I have a few wool tartans I might try with it, but those are only a hair (har, har) rougher than this madder.

Here it is with the rough tie -- which ties a terrible knot and is too close in color to the jacket. I also can't help but think I missed a chance to wear a different square, but hey. It's probably a good thing that I've improved since last March.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
tumblr_mj9abaZI1B1rkc3iho1_500.jpgWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

And hey -- I like critiques. I treat this as basically an art course.
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And since people in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones...

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Vintage Harvey Tweed Coat ('77)

Hardy Amies Tie

Nameless PS

Burberry Grey Flannel Pants

AE Dalton Boots.

I went with the PS to try to catch some of the red/green flecks in the jacket. I think it also brings out the tie a bit. The lapel hides most of the PS from the front anyway!

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Yeah, I wouldn't have gone with that tie either. Eh, I don't know. Something just feels a little off to me in that. I can't quite put my finger on it. I think a different tie would have been great though!

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@ Clags: are you (almost) matching your tie with your strides? I like your outfit today and I've debated the possibility of matching tie and strides (in a tweedy winter ensemble) myself, but wasn't sure if it was 'the done thing' or not. There may be some consensus against it, but it all looks good in your pic.

Also I like the bright blue jacket, as I did the similarly coloured Jort jacket discussed above. I know the issue of pattern matching on your chest pocket has been mentioned before, but would it not be possible to have it removed, trimmed slightly and lined up again? It might not bother you enough to be concerned, but it does look jarring to me whenever you post pictures of it.
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