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For Christmas let me suggest a true man attire with an anti fit choice of denim.





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Originally Posted by EFV View Post

Need a full shot of this excellent suit.

Couple of years ago (Click to show)
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Cleav - thanks!  In true SF style I marked the occasion by buying two suit and three jacket lengths of woven animal shavings, that I shall deliver with instructions tonight before going on holiday.  No story on the cufflinks really; mother-of-pearl inlaid, that I think I bought at an airport or something about ten years ago.


SSL - absolutely, and if I were sweeping leaves or acting as a training aid for guard dogs, I can't think of a better choice.


NOBD - a peach.

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Originally Posted by The_Foxx View Post

you, sir, are badass. what's the make of your jacket? all looks great, especially that wristwatch!

Thank you sir!

For the sake of completeness:

Overcoat - Raffaele Iorio
Jacket - Raffaele Iorio
Trousers - Raffaele Iorio
Shirt - Camiceria Le Tre M
Tie - Patrizio Cappelli
PS - Rubinacci
Loafers - Alfred Sargent
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Originally Posted by mimo View Post

Thanks chaps.  The job's in the bag - they approached me - just details over the package, start date etc.  I think we're done. smile.gif

As for the Not-entirely-C BD, most people around here don't even wear shoes.  A three piece suit - even a linen one - is a pretty big statement.  As wearing a suit at all is almost ostentatious; the colour of the PS becomes academic, so I live free!  I did put it back into a nicer Butch-approved fold, though, I promise.

You can't say no to a guy dressed like that...imagine the fear of someone that slick working for the competition! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Mr D, I'm blushing!

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Mazal tov, mimo!
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The day after Christmas with a much needed morning cuppa!
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Thanks Stitchy - going on a little holiday before signing when I get back, I hope. 

(!و الله يبارك فيك)


CP: nice jumper.



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Merry day after Christmas, folks.


SF Family:

Sam Hober (tie)

Kent Wang (pocket square)

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Day out at the races with the Duchess and the girls

Only one winner from fifteen races so the bookmaker kept the money but we had a fantastic time!


More details plus a pic from our box (Click to show)

Cornelianni, PRL, John Smedley waistcoat, Altea PS, Universal Pants, PS socks and C&J



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Gorgeous, Clags.


You too, Cleave, lovely jacket!  As for the races..all the jockeys seem to have fallen off. :)

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Ps I loved the cuff links, so they're not a Union Jack design?
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Christmas day attire.

Grey flannel, blue tweed and wool challis tie.

Suitsupply Jort, Liverano, Drake’s, Liverano and Belisario

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Originally Posted by ridethecliche View Post

I think that the issue is more so that it's not CM. I probably won't stop wearing stuff like that, but I'm definitely going to stop posting it haha.


 Yeah, I wear dark shirts with light colored sportcoats but I wouldn't post pics of them either. :lol:

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