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G'day gents.





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Originally Posted by ridethecliche View Post

G'day gents.




can you give me some details on the trousers?  have a very similar jacket, need to pair it with something.

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J crew Moon Tweed birds eye. They're sold out everywhere, but you might have some luck on ebay. They're very very very well made and the fit is great. They're no break though, so I had them let out a little bit since I felt like I was wearing capris everywhere.


J crew really hit the ball out of the park with their moon tweed stuff. I love the styling and the fit especially because the fit is slimmer and sizing up allows me to get a well fitted jacket without the pinching at the button without ruining the rest of the fit. I really wanted to buy one of their blazers but they're pretty pricey. I've been watching ebay like a hawk though.

I'm sure you could find birds eye tweed pants by other brands as well, but that's the style of these guys. The pant leg is much slimmer than most of the fits on here as well, but that's my preference.

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Last day of work for a couple of weeks. Ending it with an obligatory bad Christmas tie. *sigh*

Happy Holidays!
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330CK - icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Pingson - fantastic send off to 2013

rtc - headed in the right direction
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Tweed 'n wool
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Originally Posted by Pingson View Post

Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too!
Thanks, it's an old Drake's tie. Very traditional, crisp English silk, you can almost hear it crunch when you tie it...

In theory there is a green base in the PS that should pick up the green in the tie, but it may have ended up being too match. I had another PS in my hands this morning which was mainly gren, but decided agains it since I thought the shade was wrong. Should have gone on my first instincts perhaps....


Yeah, I see where you've gone there.  The thing that catches my eye is the deeper burgundy in the PS clashing a bit with the brighter wine of the tie, instead of balancing it.  But frankly, obsessing about such minutiae may be the mindset of a dick.  I've learned to live with it. :) It only appears that way on one of your pics, and considering the overall awesomeness it's churlish of me to even mention it.


Damn, I love that jacket.

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@clarinetplayer, synergy today! :)

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Sunny and 70 today...



Yellow Hook
Wang (shoes)
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Peacoat - Camoshita
Sweater - Gutterage
Shirt - Eidos Napoli
Jeans - Old 501s that started raw
Shoes - Belgians
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awesome peacoat, nick.
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Todays kind of a crazy Friday, no tie but I'm trying a ps and obligatory t-rex cufflinks.   Family xmas party later thats why the weird cl's.  Merry Christmas everybody!


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mmmm Navy shell Carminas...



thrifted EZ sport coat

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Last nightshift before x-mas



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Friday yo. That PS wants to peak up and party.

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cousin D, that SC is awesome.
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