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MoL, how are you getting that wonderful soft lighting?



Given the vividness of the color and the buttons, I'm inclined to shelve this jacket until spring. It hasn't jived well with wintery ties (granted, this is only its second wear).


No one from the SF family in this fit :embar:  I do plan on cramming four into a single fit this week (Henry Carter, Meermin or Unipair--depending on the weather, Kent Wang, and Howard Yount)


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I meant brand. It looks awefully simiar to what I just purchased. Thats all lol9uLlxh

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Originally Posted by MalfordOfLondon View Post

Thanks for the compliments, all.
Pliny I like what you've done with that outfit.
Some more brown:
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

That is too good drool.gif
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malford and pliny. excellent.

malford, deets on, well, everything? smile.gif
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Next business dress



Full shots and details (Click to show)






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Clags, it looks like malford has indulged in some vignetting for those photos
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Pliny, I really like that fabric. I am waiting for the day when the 'net will allow us to exchange fabric samples via this site via the miracle of technology.
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Sunday after a long morning on the organ bench....

O, Brooks Brothers. Where art thou?

Sunday afternoon...

Ugh! Still, there are leaves to be raked, and it is freezing outside. To the rescue, my trusty, bulky, LL Bean Norwegian which I’ve had since I was a freshman in college. Made in Norway of wool/rayon, it is built like a tank.
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Wow, ClarinetPlayer, you look nice!  Almost everyone in this thread is a really nice dresser.  Since I'm wearing jeans, a sweatshirt, and sneakers, I'll pass on posting a pic, for now at least :)

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Got a new vest!

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Hi Guys. I've been following the boards for a while. I got some pictures today, and I'm eager for input. I welcome all input, both complimenting and criticizing. Thanks in advance.




Other Views (Click to show)








For context: this is for our corporate sales meetings. Mostly at banks. Mostly in NYC. The sales meetings involve: assessing what the needs of the client are, making a recommendation for what kind of project we should do, and getting agreement from the client to proceed. I need to look professional, serious, and competent. The work we do involves design and a lot of people skills, so I need to represent some style and personality as well.

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To Monkeyface: great jacket. Not totally on board with the waistcoat in it, but it's a nice waistcoat in and of itself.




Today, inspired by AAS fantastic recent monochrome fit. This one isn't monochrome, but it's certainly inspired by the fit he put together:



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Woke up to white powder everywhere this morning, No matter, Sunday best plus a little bit extra to keep the cold at bay. Feedback on my new (to me) suit and/or overcoat is welcome and appreciated. Well, any feedback for that matter!




More Pics (Click to show)











Several thoughts (Click to show)
I started out with the suit. It was fitting for Sunday, and I have really been wanting to wear it. Next I chose the shirt. It is very pale pink which I thought might clash with fall/winter but figured it was fine as a shirt. I really chose it for the collar anyways. Next, I chose the tie. I struggled with about 6 different ties before I finally settled on this one. First, I had a wool blend that was gray/navy. I really liked it, but it's base was gray and didn't contrast enough with the vest. I even tried it with a blue square to try and make the navy pop more, and it was somewhat effective, though it felt forced. Next, I tried a handful of reps/neats all with a navy base. I even tried on a blue grenadine. Most of them felt liked they worked but weren't as happy with the shirt in one way or another. I finally settled on this deep purple/navy one with a lighter neat pattern and some subtle stripes. The square felt like the perfect compliment as it's base is close to the pattern in the tie without feeling matchy to me. I finished it off with my walnut blucher boots due to the weather. However, I felt like they didn't work with the palette at all. I found myself wishing I had black balmoral boots, or monkeyface's black/navy boots. The snow wasn't too bad, so I swapped into black captoes. These picked up on the black pattern in the square also.

I thought my gray overcoat would finish it all well and threw on my gray fedora also. I actually hadn't planned on a particular scarf, but this one felt like it hit the palette perfectly.

I'm curious about the fit of the suit and/or overcoat. They feel good to me, but my eye is still developing.
Pink shirt didn't feel like it matched the weather; however, shirtings are typically lighter color anyways, so it didn't feel too off.
Can I wear a knit tie with a 3 piece? I tend to think of them as odd jacket ties but may be wrong here. If so, I may have had an easier time selecting a tie.
I LOVE this overcoat but fear that it may be too much? Buttons everywhere, shoulder things (epaulets?) and some funky chest piping. Curious how others feel.

Thanks for reading all my long ramblings!
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Apart from you doing your tie knot a bit weird, you have been posting some of the best fits in the past few months! Think your style has steadily progressed. :)



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