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Originally Posted by CousinDonuts View Post

My bad then. However I will caution you against benchmarking fashion and taste and clothing in general against doctors. Very few rank high on the fashionable or well dressed scale, ESPECIALLY to SF standards. (no offense HF, or any other doctors who frequent this board. my experience is based on those my wife works with, and others I've seen while traveling with her to industry conferences. there are always exceptions.)

Agreed. At my old department, they just didn't know how to dress. I've done double takes pretty often walking around the hospital thinking 'wtf is that guy wearing!'.

These guys all look decent trending towards good. One of them looks awesome every single time he wears a suit. He'd even get a few likes on this page for his fits. Seriously, his suits fit great.

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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

New suit Tuesday.
Sartorio by Kiton DB plaid with raspberry over check
Finamore shirt
Nicky Milano wool silk floral tie
Tom Ford PS
Hierbas de Ibiza
Gaziano & Girling Westminster

Please don't ban me for this, but I do dare ask the question...is the tie a little narrow for the lapels? (or is that just a consequence of a DB jacket?)
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Originally Posted by aportnoy View Post

Nice textures Stitchy! I love the tie!icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif Killer shoes, too.

thanks, a. i owe you for the tie rec. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

high shoe praise coming from you. smile.gif
Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

That jacket. Pushed me over the edge. The next jacket I get will be rust-brown. I'll be in the minority here, but I prefer today's fit far more than yesterdays. Not even close, actually.

why thank you, clags!

i would like to note though, the SC is more of a purple-gray than a rust-brown to my eye irl, but every time i post it it seems to come off to people as a rust/brown. either way, kop as you planned.

also, i think yesterdays was better, but as long as you like both we are cool. <3
Originally Posted by chocsosa View Post

Your fall game is crazy stitchy! Sadly we have no fall and very little of a winter season here in central ca, so I had to give away a lot of my fall gear..killing it mayne! lol

thanks, choc! that blows though. F/W gear is teh best gear.

Originally Posted by AMProf View Post

That's a good point; thanks for the input.
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Thanks for the thumbs yesterday.

Here are some pictures of my birthday suit.
Well, technically my birthday SEPARATES. (Click to show)
photo 41ef827d-00e4-4c84-92fe-908f4c36f7be_zpse626c8e1.jpgphoto 7c49b290-166c-4883-b972-0d843de28bce_zps373e7344.jpgphoto IMG_7557_zps80492aba.jpg
Joseph Abboud (yes, that Joseph Abboud) - It's actually a very dark espresso, not black. And I know velvet isn't for everyone.
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was expecting newds. i am disappoint. plain.gif
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Jumping on the flannel, chalk stripe, brown tie train today...

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Looks pretty solid Sugarbutch. I love that tie and the suit is also nice - although personally I prefer a lowe buttonstance. Is the jacket perhaps a little too big in the shoulders ? Hard to see from the pictures
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fantastic, SB.
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Really nice, SB!

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Originally Posted by Pliny View Post

thx man-  didn't wanta assume.  couldabeeen in the  'amazing look' or  'your style is unique' category biggrin.gif

Nah - nice duds, dude.
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Originally Posted by An Acute Style View Post

Either way, I will take this as a compliment.  Thanks.    

Yes, do. I also enjoyed reading your thoughts when selecting the outfit.
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Thanks, folks. Steffen, there's a bit of shoulder extension, but I think it fits well.
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Stitches, you convinced me:
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Looks great
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Originally Posted by steffenbp11 View Post

Lots of great outfits today gentlemen. Autumn/winter seems to bring out the best in people smile.gif

Lapels look overly wide. Great color.
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