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Originally Posted by Rudals View Post

LOL - I was talking to MGD8, not you Stitch. I was asking why he kept on posting pictures of random crap.
 By the way, can you rub me off some of your confidence? Superb look today. fing02%5B1%5D.gif
Oh Tom Ford, yeah I hate him because my WAYWRN got buried in some stupid discussion on Tom Ford and I've hated Tom Ford since then.

oh, oops. laugh.gif

you may have as much of my confidence as you need. i have less than i give off tho.

lol, dont let that bog you down, TF makes a lot of great items.

also, in case anyone thinks anyone was harsh about this black suit discussion, let me relate how this went 3 years ago.

me: hey everyone! quick question, is $600 a good price for a solid black 2 button SB zegna mainline suit?

answer: yes. if you are a preacher, undertaker or ninja.

that told me all i needed to know. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by MGD83 View Post

Not sure if the second suit is a dark navy, but I took the picture of Michael Caine from the original Get Carter, and I'm sure he wore black and grey throughout the movie if I can remember.

You need to watch the movie again, the most iconic suit in the movie is clearly navy (made by Douglas Hayward BTW).

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Pingson you are correct. He did wear a black topcoat though.
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i have never seen that movie. shog[1].gif

will watch tonight. i hear there is copious amounts of boobage. oh noes!
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It's a 3 piece suit with a double barrel alteration.

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Afternoon Gents
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

thanks, HF. what about it struck you as so different for me?


The main thing for me is the colour of the suit, which if you've worn before, I haven't personally noticed before. That steely blue feels much more "aggressive" & eye-catching. The other elements are all arguably similar to your typical choices, but with the different backdrop of that suit, the overall ensemble "shouts" much louder. It looks good, though. I think it's one to trot out when you're in a more informal environment and are wearing a suit for leisure, rather than necessarily for work (depending on your line of work, naturally).


It's nice to see posters mixing things up a bit sometimes.

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Originally Posted by Fred49 View Post

Afternoon Gents


Just plain classic.  The socks are a natty touch.

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Good afternoon, Fred. Looking good as always.

Thanks for the explanation, HF. I have worn this suit before, but maybe it just didn't pop quite as much as it did this time. Either way, I'm glad you like it, and fortunately I work in an environment where wearing something a little bit more eye-catching is not at all a problem for me.
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New suit Tuesday.
Sartorio by Kiton DB plaid with raspberry over check
Finamore shirt
Nicky Milano wool silk floral tie
Tom Ford PS
Hierbas de Ibiza
Gaziano & Girling Westminster
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^ Long time no see. As good as ever. That tie is killer!

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Thank you for all the thumbs yesterday.  Here's something pretty different.  


I wanted to wear these shoes yesterday, but decided against it at the last minute.  I planned to wear them today and choose these olive/brown pants first to go with them.  I picked the shirt next.  I oxicleaned it two weeks ago.  I haven't worn in in several months.  I thought the brown went nicely with the olive and tan.  I picked the brown wool herringbone tie next.  More brown, but also another pattern. I thought about other brown ties mostly solid, but thought this was an interesting non traditional pattern mix.  I decided to go all solids after that.  I went with the tan vest.  More brown, but also similar to the shoes and some more texture.  I thought it was going to be too much brown so I added a navy sport coat and navy socks next.  I ended with a solid white pocket square and a brown silk knot to echo the brown and white of the shirt.  So here we go.  






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Originally Posted by jhcam8 View Post

Looks nice, Pliny - I'd never be able to put that together.


 thanks I really appreciate the compliment.  It was a compliment rite?  :embar:



Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

pliny and pingson, excellent.



Thanks!  Pings is awsm definitely.  + this here below is crushing it.  beautiful suit, reverse calf, blues n browns :satisfied:


Originally Posted by in stitches View Post
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