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Nice chilly day to relish the comfort of my 12 oz wool and cashmere blend glen plaid. 

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Murlsquirl, SB and Moo, great looks.
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[Semi-OT: Shopping advice] Advice needed (Click to show)


Angelico vs Cerruti. Similar wool, similar price, the second one has a detachable internal padding. Cerruti's one is also slightly shorter. Which one would you buy?
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^ very different jackets; I like the first more, but the second is probably more versatile. Go with the one you love the most!

plus one. smile.gif
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photo 4c68b9db-7ea6-45f3-b90b-819244f1548f_zps402098b5.jpg
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
photo 79edae31-2898-4079-a31a-c3e42da01a92_zps4251a8a7.jpg
photo IMG_7508_zps531b7c10.jpgphoto IMG_7507_zps91f3a0f7.jpgphoto IMG_7509_zps64d3e480.jpg
Saint Laurie
Rooster (the spot was noted in the photo and remedied)
Paul Stuart
Unknown square
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Hickey Freeman


Ralph Lauren

No name Italian square


Allen Edmonds

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Nice, GMMcL





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Howard Yount


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Flannel Ring Jacket 

Grey melange in raw silk

Medallion PS

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Ejay, that tie and those lapels don't work together I am sorry to say. I know that a solid knit is often recommended with a loud patternes sportscoat, but those lapels are wiiiide and overpower the tie. The coat seems to have a rather high buttoning point as well - or the pants a high rise. Notice how you can see the end of the tie ?
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Originally Posted by Rudals View Post

Hey RTC (ridethecliche),
Just out of curiosity, how tall are you. The jacket with pocket issue seems long or maybe it's just too big

I'm 5'10. Long legs short torso, though I prefer my pants to be on the shorter side. I wear them longer if they're dress pants or part of a suit, but the chinos/jeans/khaki's I buy have very little break.

FYI: The picture I posted today was a different blazer. I'm just making sure that you're not talking about that one. Today's one had the flaps over the pockets.


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What flack did you get? I think that Clags' pockets are just a bit too small.


The fit of that jacket was off, but I think stitchy and others commented that the patch pockets were ginormous.




Originally Posted by CousinDonuts View Post

Because JAB, MW and department stores in the suburbs rarely put patch pockets on their jackets. The same people giving you flak are probably wearing ventless jackets.

I was referring to people posting here!

Flack was an overstatement, but I just mean that aspect of the blazer wasn't well received.

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conrad, that is wu-tastic.
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J. Crew
Gaziano Girling
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Spoo wears his timepiece on his right wrist :uhoh: 


Spoo is sinister!

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Sky and Spoo - Solid.

Sky, is that the Hober SF special?
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I had planned to wear a pair of tan bucks with polka dot shoelaces today, but decided against it at the last minute.  So I started with the shoes and then chose a pair of navy pants.  I picked the blue/white/pink bengal stripe shirt next to pick up the navy of the pants.  I had a pink tie with navy/royal/light blue stripe on first, but I had a hard time finding a jacket to go with the outfit.  I changed to a simpler solid navy tie.  It went well with the navy pants and there was blue in the shirt as well.  I added a corduroy jacket because it was similar in color to the tan bucks.  I added the khaki/pink/blue pocket square next.  It picked up the tan in the jacket and blue and pink in the shirt.  I went with a pink lapel flower and solid navy nato strap next.  I put on polka dot socks to go with the polka dot laces last, but again I decided at the last minute not to wear those shoes.  I decided to go with these captoe oxfords.  I wish I had worn my pink/navy striped socks.  






Robo. (Click to show)
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