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Originally Posted by Coxsackie View Post


Ah well...you can't win 'em all I guess.


I do feel though, that certain designs acquire a kind of vulgarity-by-association which is not necessarily intrinsic to their appearance. I knew when I bought this watch that it would offend many because of its bezel. OTOH there are certain limited-edition Royal Oak Offshores which simply scream poor taste, and yet people are selling their grandmothers into slavery in order to move up the waiting list for them.


OK, that's enough vulgar watches. How about a nice hat instead?


(x-poast from this week's Challenge)


Oh, you're preaching to the choir, I hate how most RO look, and I really don't get the hype for them. With that price tag, I'd buy many other watches over them. Still better than Hublot, thought.


Nice hat!

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Originally Posted by sansimeon View Post

Excellent looks today people!

Sorry about the image quality, was in a hurry this morning. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Cool tie!
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Originally Posted by inlandisland View Post

Some nice stuff in the last 20 or so pages, guys!

I made today a BTF:
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

p.s. Thanks to EFV for the tie - your work receives many compliments off-line.

Somehow, I missed this. What a cool tie--the color, the stripes, the fabric.
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From earlier this week: Two of my favorite things in life--Bach and Tweed.
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Chilly today, so layering up with a cardigan underneath the jacket....

New tie that me like a lot. This is one of those borderline cases where it might or might be more of a "suit tie" to some people. Anyway, I think it works with a SC - just not perfectly with the one I am wearing today, the scales of tie and jacket came out a little too close for my taste. Hopefully the colour contrast is great enough to alleviate that problem to some extent....

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Originally Posted by Bill Dlwgosh View Post

Originally Posted by Pingson View Post

I agree that depending on cut and model you can move between two sizes (I am usually 44L but can fit into some 42L), but frankly I just use size as the first filter when looking for stuff to thrift. ...If all but one measurement is OK, I still pass (the exemption being sleeve length which is easy to alter, assuming there is enough material to lengthen it (as I always need to let the sleeves out)).

No they are sort of medium grey, they just look charcoal in that picture.

Have you ever been able to size down from a 46L? I'm also a 44L and recently found a 46L Samuelsohn SC for 40% of retail that fit for length and sleeves. If the shoulders weren't absolutely perfect they were very close. The jacket is being slimmed through the body and I can pick it up in a week. I've been told that Sameulsohn is a good brand when it comes to alterations but I dunno as the guy who told me that was a salesman.

In reality I'm probably a 43L (in-between 42L and 44L) so 46L would in all likelihood be too large for me regardless of cut and model. I have a JP Tilford (which I believe is made by Samuelsohn) jacket in 44L that is also just about perfect in the shoulders but that also could use some slimming across the waist.
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Originally Posted by Coxsackie View Post


War is the continuation of politics by other means. (von Clausewitz)


Clausewitz was a vulgar fool. Besides, we weren't talking about war either.

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Links by Georg Jensen.
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Get two new MTO shirts and one I wear today:



Full shot and details (Click to show)




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Originally Posted by clarinetplayer View Post

Cool tie!


Thanks CP!


I really like that tie, just wish it was a little bit wider. It's an pre-sf acquisition, didn't know better back then ;)

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Coxsackie - i dont hate the watch. dont love it, but certainly dont hate it either. but in the pic it looked two tone, gold bezel and steel case/bracelet. that might be part of the issue. either way, anything branded is bound to get hate here.


pliny and pingson, nice.


thanks for all teh thumbs yesterday, gents.
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The only shot that came out of this morning's scarf wearing was this one.



The outfit underneath the coat and scarf is this




Zegna suit, shirt, shoes. PRL tie. Wang in the pocket. No shave November on the face.

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...please see repost. Corrections have been made.

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Originally Posted by Rudals View Post

10 days left 'til 3 wk vacation in S.Korea~


Overall correct. I miss a bit of shirt cuff on your left wrist.

But it's a bit boring. Monochromatic and risk-free choice IMHO.

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Noodles needs some patterns in his life

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