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Originally Posted by Cleav View Post

Been watching and learning, here's my return from the bench. Pointers? Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

top block, jacket/tie/shirt look great, not sure on PS. cant tell enough about bottom block to comment much, but i think with that fit a darker brown shoe is called for.


SB, nice. would be better with white shirt.
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Originally Posted by Cleav View Post



Those shoes are a bit clunky, and they could use some TLC. The color isn't quite right for the suit. You set an otherwise high standard with this rig, in terms of both style and quality. The shoes don't live up to it. Also, though your tie and square are both nice, I wish they had a color in common to tie them together.


Parterre, that shirt is too formal to wear with anything less than a suit. I wouldn't really like it even then, but it wouldn't be so out of place. If you'd like to wear a tie, wear a coat, and be more afraid of stripes-on-stripes. Thin sweaters like that work better as layering pieces. Wear argyle socks, or even a colorful pair.


Right now, it looks like you're trying very hard to dress elegantly. If you directed that effort into a slightly different direction, you could do very well. Figure out what an appropriate level of formality is, and dress for that.


CottonDockers: Challenging oneself is well and good, but are you trying to dress well, or learn to be a better dresser? Athletes push themselves in training so that they don't have to push themselves as hard at the real thing, if you get what I'm putting out.

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I was told to leave this package here...  :paranoia:

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Originally Posted by gumercindo View Post

Great look. Brand of shirt and jacket?

Luxire Shirt

Suitsupply Havana Sportcoat

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Originally Posted by timotune View Post

New shirt.

You need longer collar points if you're going to have that much roll.

Looks like you just moved the buttons up.
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Wearing my new Passaggio Cravatte grenadine!

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love everything but the socks. tongue.gif

deets on suit?
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Alright, I took a bunch of your advice yesterday and looked through a bunch of posts and decided to try something a little more traditional.

Light blue shirt, navy blazer, wool blend tie, gray khaki's, and boots cause it was snowing in the morning!

Watch is a Hamilton Khaki Automatic. Graduation gift from my folks.






(/me crosses fingers)

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Monkeyface: Nice.

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ridethecliche, my friend, you have a lot of work ahead of you, but the task is not too great.

jack - too large in the body and the pockets look gigantic

shirt - button those buttons

PS - no relation to anything else, and i dont really like it much

pants - look like beat up khakis, not coherent with top block nor do i think they are particularly nice

boots - same as above

tie and socks are ok i guess.

not trying to be a dick, just trying to help.

keep reading and keep trying, you will get there.
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Recovering from a cold, so going for slouchy/comfy stuff today...



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Light outside this morning so I tried a different shot today:



Details (Click to show)











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Thanks stitches.

Just curious, how do you know that the jacket is too big in the body from that picture? I have one hand up that's causing the side to 'puff' up. I guess I see what you're saying, i.e. that it's making my hips look wider. I think the pockets look even bigger than they are because they don't have a 'flap cap'.


And on the note of shoes. I was really thinking that this getup called for black cap toes, but I didn't want to get mine totally gunked up with the grossness outside.


And hey, atleast I did a little better than yesterday! :p


Edit: I guess I have a few things I've picked up from thrift stores and the like. I need to start figuring out what actually fits well and is worth altering and start dropping the rest. That and starting to be a bit more picky from now on. That's what this feedback is great for. I'm 24, so my wardrobe is tiny right now. This advice is good for future building. That's solid right there. I.e. how to make the most of what I have now and how to build it up to be better.

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i just looks big in your body, its not flattering you at all.

i might get killed for this, but since you mentioned thrifting, just keep this in mind, its never worth settling. im not advocating breaking the bank, and i know everyone has their limitations, i sure have my own, but better to pay a little more and have less items but ones that are great items, and compliment you, than pay less and have more ok items. food for thought.
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