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For a (relatively) cool Sydney spring day...


Sartoria Partenopea unconstructed linen suit

No name silk paisley printed foulard

Herringbone ultramarine shirt

Robert Talbott pocket square

Di Mella belt and wholecut oxfords




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Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

Yeah, my right arm is almost an inch shorter than my left and my right shoulder is about half an inch less long than my left shoulder. RTW is hit or miss. The length is easy, I just have the right sleeve shortened more. Shoulders are a bit tricky. Some RTW is doesn't make a difference, in others, it causes divots. If it causes divots, I avoid as the corrections generally cost upwards of 50 dollars and the tailor that knows how to handle them works an hour away from me.

The easiest thing to do is just have everything made for you. It took my current tailor about a jacket and a half to get my shoulders just the way I wanted them (at least as far as fit).

For lower shoulders (mine are even, it's just the size that's different), I think there are things you can do as far as adding/subtracting padding. And arm length is just a matter of getting the sleeves shortened, a fairly routine operation.

Thanks much. Right now I just have the sleeves done, and if the shoulders don't look right, I don't buy it.

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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

regarding your post over the weekend. yes, without a doubt there are things that i used to think look awesome, that i know realize do not. but what i was trying to say, is the following.

while i think that the good taste thread has done a lot of good for the forum, and i have personally learned a great deal from it, i think that it has produced one very significant flaw, at least for me. and that would be too much book smarts and not enough street smarts, an over intellectualization, if you will, of looking at things at times.

while i certainly do not subscribe to the notion that because someone likes the way they look, that makes it good (see: the mens warehouse, for a great example of this failure), i also do not subscribe to the notion that because 7 technical points have been addressed, that that makes it look good either. its the same mistake coming from the other direction.

i think that sometimes people look at a fit and turn it into some kind of purely academic excersize, and forget that fact that this is still clothing, and that in the end it needs to reach a successful aesthetic conclusion.

im not saying that any one persons opinion is the be all end all of what a successful aesthetic conclusion is, but i do think sometimes people miss the forrest for the trees, and forget to step back and simply ask, does this actually look good? is this actually pleasing to the eye? because its quite possible for a fit to hit on some collection of rulebook guidelines correctly, and still look horrible, in my opinion.
Sounds good, S. The both/and approach definitely makes sense to me.
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I kind of like it, but I agree - these PS's can do more.  I'm swimming around in old suits, even after adjustment, so waiting for some new clothes, specifically odd jackets that I think will look better with the ostentatious foldage you have in mind.

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Originally Posted by Mr Engineer View Post

Nice jacket,pants and shoes. The shirt, tie and PS I don't like tho.A different color PS and shirt(i think that white) would have helped.

The shirt is white.  Although I probably should of worn a darker tie.


Originally Posted by Ianiceman View Post

Why have you buttoned your jacket the women's way?



Originally Posted by clapeyron View Post

I was this close to lecturing you about mirrors and shit when I realised that the pocketsquare pocket would still be on the wrong side even if it were mirrored.


Which brings us back to the question: Why have you buttoned your jacket the women's way??


The picture was taken at the end of a long night of drinking at my cousins wedding.  I didn't even realize I had it buttoned the wrong way until you guys pointed it out.  Good eye.

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New shirt.
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Originally Posted by Ianiceman View Post

Why have you buttoned your jacket the women's way?

I'm confused....what's the difference between the women way and the man way?
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hi guise- thanks for the recent likes.  Timo, that collar rox.  Compare it to my BB here :eh:


Henry Carter 7-fold repp- :satisfied:




shoos (Click to show)
Vass 3-eye bluchers

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Hackett shirt.

Richard James tie.

Keeping it British today. ;-)

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That is a thing of beauty.

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Just got this jacket delivered in the mail yesterday, and I'm trying it out today to determine if I need to alter it in any way. So far I'm pretty pleased with it, but comments are most welcome nod[1].gif

I thrifted the jacket from our own Dirnelli. It is bespoke by French tailors Cifonell and judging from the marking inside it was made in December 1984 - I find it pretty awesome to wear a jacket that it almost 30 years old.

Details (Click to show)

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Sunny but very cold weather here in southern Germany. So I decide to wear a pullover under the sports coat.



Full shot and details (Click to show)




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Something a bit grand to start what will be a very short week - off to London & Florence on Thursday night, for two weeks vacation.

Meanwhile, this evening will be dinner at Villard Michel Richard at the New York Palace Hotel. I believe that I shall pass muster with the maitre d'.

Suit - Paul Stuart
Shirt - Tyrwhitt
Tie - Charvet
PS - no name brand
Cufflinks - DVVS, NYC
Braces - Paul Stuart (Trafalgar)
Boots - Paul Stuart house brand (Grenson Masterpiece)
Hat - Selentino, via JJ Hat Center
Overcoat - BB
Scarf - New & Lingwood, London

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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Originally Posted by timotune View Post

New shirt.

Very nice, I've wondered for a while if I could get away with that type of collar and tie... maybe I should try.

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