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The weather in NYC is milder still, though with a chance of midday rain. Keeping with this week's theme of blue shirts (with or without stripes) and three-piece suits, today's attire.

Suit - BBGF
Shirt - Lewin
Tie - Tyrwhitt
Cufflinks - BB
Vintage watch chain
Shoes - Bergdorf Goodman house brand

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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Originally Posted by ferrarip4 View Post

what's worn nowadays is too conventional IMO.


That tie isn't unconventional, it's ungood.

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Originally Posted by ferrarip4 View Post

Thanks! you grasped my way of thinking pretty much. I am at a point of my career I wear pretty much what I want (providing it's not tasteless). Concerning the opened button, after 10 years (!) of not wearing ties, and starting again, I just can't stand closing that damn top button! The Hermès H belt is a staple of the French wardrobe and since I'm French (by the way, it's not visible under the jacket)... Cheers!

But your shirt is MADE TO MEASURE. Why don't you MEASURE your neck and get your shirts MADE to fit you so you can fasten the top button and not be strangled by your own shirt?
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Get this Brioni blazer with coloured windowpane yesterday from the USA. I´m not sure, if I should shorten the lenght by 2-3 cm.


Full shot and details (Click to show)




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Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

Fair enough, but the knowledge of its intended cut doesn't have any bearing on whether I like the actual cut (regardless of whether the dislike stems from intent or execution). That the pockets are crescent rather than hacking, however, is somewhat redeeming.


It should since, theoretically, the button stance of the top button should be somewhere near what you wear yourself. 



Originally Posted by Stugotes View Post

Disagree, the shirt (collar, fabric) looks way too business-y for the rest of the outfit. And, yeah, it may be correct in some way, but it's not really in good taste :confused:


So anxious to prove me wrong, again, that you forgot to read what I actually wrote, again.

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Diaz - Very very nice, sir.
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Sunny this morning.

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Originally Posted by Cotton Dockers View Post

GMMcl - great suit! Stitchy - great jacket! Mimo - great tie!

Clags - that jacket fits you very well, great fit, happy birthday.

Need your guys' opinion on the jacket - too short? too tight? weird color/pattern/fabric/styling? Or is it redeemable?
Jacket (Click to show)

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I am 50/50 on the SC. Its got a good look, but something about it isn't presentable..
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Well, well this day is almost over, but the night is not.




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Wrong PS, can probably use it for shoeshine...

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@Don cant't tell from the pics, but looks good to me.


@estitchy dat tie :fistbump:

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Originally Posted by kulata View Post


Details on the shoes?

AE Fairfax wholecuts.

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A sprinkling of new stuff (green knit & chocolate cords), plus got the jacket back recently after giving it in for a little fine-tuning:



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Holdfast: I whish you could manage to add light to your photo-shoots. I think the grains are not doing your outfit justice.

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Is Stitch omnipresent in SF? He is like everywhere in all the threads. :fonz:

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