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The weather continues cool here in NYC, and I continue to dress for it.

Suit - BBGF
Shirt - Lewin
Tie - Battistoni
Cufflinks - Tyrwhitt
Shoes - Bexley
Hat - Selentino
Topcoat - JAB
Scarf - Frank Stella, NYC

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Testing a new SC that arrived yesterday - only need to shorten the sleeves 0.5" or so but that is pretty much it I think. Interesting fabric - 50/50 cashmere and mohair. I have never come a cross that blend before - it seems kind of odd to mix soft cashmere with coarser mohair but the end result is actually pretty nice.

Details: (Click to show)

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I like the pattern.

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Thanks again for the thumbs and the advice yesterday.

This will not be to everyone's liking. The jacket is a darker, true blackwatch than it appears here. And I have no idea whats going on with the right leg.

photo IMG_6658_zps233f800a.jpgWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
photo IMG_6659_zps5dc3f5f5.jpg
photo IMG_6664_zps071c3b3d.jpg
Honestly, the only makers I know in this fit are Hawes for the shirt, Jil Sander for the tie, Kilgour (vintage) for the trou and RM Williams for the shoes.
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In Italy the fall knocked on my door .... and I answered him thus:

Dress: Mimmo Pirozzi bespoke double-breasted
Fabric: Vintage Wain Shiell by Antico Drappiere of Milan
Shirt: bespoke D'Avino
tie: vintage bespoke Passaggio Cravatte
pocket-squares: vintage Passaggio Cravatte
Cufflinks: bespoke Solazzi
Shoes: Balmoral Bestetti MTO





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Sorry for the shite pics, was too cloudy to get good ones.


Closeups and shoes (Click to show)




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Grabbing a quick cuppa before heading out to give a talk at a music society luncheon.
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Bye everyone and see you soon! :)


Now only:





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so much win today, guys. wow.

SVB, love that suit and pingson that SC!!

justin, nice to see a fit pic, my man. but that SC needs works in the shoulders and waist. congrats on the weight loss, but im not sure that SC can adjust to the new you. ymmv.
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Originally Posted by VictorSFreturn View Post

Bye everyone and see you soon! smile.gif
Now only:

y u leave us now? frown.gif
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Now I know why I can not find a perfect blue jacket


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- I never wanted one, today I realised I just thought I did.



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