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Hardly any daylight left here, so a closeup will have to do. Wore the SC with light grey flannels.

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Originally Posted by Ianiceman View Post

To cuff (or to turn-up) or not to cuff is purely a personal choice. There are some 'guidelines' - they are usually but not exclusively more congruent with pleats than flat fronts, and some wisdom suggests the weight of the cuff adds to the effect of the trouser legs hanging nicely, but don't listen to any prejudiced views of SF its up to you. I would guess that cuffs are probably more popular on here but I never wear them myself, as like you I associate them with old geezers!

I wouldn't put it as bluntly as you put it but that's been my perception too. 

But still, this is something that I should look into. :decisions:

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There is something slightly off about the fit of the pants around the opening. I don't know if cuffs would address it, but they might.
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i think they would help. the weight alone should be beneficial. but, aside from that, they really are personal preference. even though i regret not cuffing some of my pants, i have no reservations about wearing them just as much as my cuffed pants.
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As I stand and look down at where my pants meet the shoes, I see one fold. I wonder if I shouldn't see any folds and just a straight line. 

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that is also a matter of personal preference. some people like no break at all, meaning a totally straight line, other like a little break, others like more. but a lot of break that turns into puddling is pretty much across the board not good. i personally prefer no break or maybe a little, but thats it.

the break you have looks to me to fall in the acceptable range, and i bet when you are standing straight, not bent over to take a picture, it is even less. so its really up to you.

either way, in your full pic the openings looked to be a bit off and that is why i recommended a cuff. i like the look of a cuff, and the added weight should help the pants to fall nicer and keep a nicer line.
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You see "break". A pretty full one in your case. People are going to jump in with their opinions on how much break (if any) you should have. It's all personal preference...I prefer a little more break than most on here.
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Thanks all for the feedback. The reason why I ask for some break is that one time I went with no break and noticed that the bottom of my pants were rocking back and forth and felt like...I was wearing the Three Stooges' pants.

The Three Stooges Three Little Beers Curly Howard Moe Howard Larry Fine 1935

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Quote: Love the sweater, goes very well with the tie and socks too.  Good looking for the fall. richard10
Originally Posted by gmledbet View Post

First snow in Indiana today. 


Brooks Brothers

Polo Ralph Lauren

Turnbull and Asser

Allen Edmonds






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rudals, if your pants had a wider opening, and had no break at all/did not even reach your shoes, then yes they would sway. but as long they at least touch your shoes and have a reasonable opening, the should not sway even with no break. also a lighter weight fabric will sway more than say a flannel.

but again, personal preference. some break is a-ok. most of my pants do have some break.
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Last outing for this pink/white contrast collar/cuffs shirt - too old & frayed - so thought I'd give it the send-off it deserves with a full-on super-flashy suited look. :D



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conradwu, shantung debut! IT EVEN RHYMES!!!!

oh, the PS? yes there is a reason. you will find out later what it is.

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Killed it!! biggrin.gif
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I will need to get that tie next time, looks very nice estitchy!

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Holdfast, that tie is so outrageously loud that I actually like it laugh.gif Lovely suit as well
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