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Originally Posted by Pliny View Post

@Holdfast.. r they jeans? looks great


Thanks. I can see why you might think that from the shoddy snap, but they're actually donegal wool trousers with lots of flecks in a shade of blue that's kind of close to RAF but a little darker. I've no particular objection to jacket & jeans combos but I don't think I'd pair the jacket I'm wearing today with them; it's a bit too "flat" in texture. I feel the donegal trousers are just formal enough to work with it, despite the base colours being close, especially given that the whole look was pretty much blues & whites anyway.

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caustic man - that looks very nice.
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Originally Posted by Coxsackie View Post


Use manual focus. Make a best-guess setting. Then take the first three or four photos with the same pose, but inching forward a little each time.


Now check to see which position gave the best focus (e.g. for fine detail on tie and PS) and stand in that spot for all subsequent poses.


Another trick is to use narrow apertures (say f11 and higher) to give more depth of field. But you will need more light for this. Or you can up the ISO. Or decrease the shutter speed. Or get a better fucking camera.



p.s. with all this apparent expertise, I still take shite photos. Go figure.


Haha worst thing is, I took some photography lessons in school and not so long ago, but never tried self portraits. I need to read the owners manual again cause I don't remember how to set up a different f/number. :( 


Originally Posted by conradwu View Post


Great jacket :) 




Originally Posted by timotune View Post

Those pants are icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif




Originally Posted by mossrockss View Post

great jacket, man!

me today (in the headphones at the time of this photo: Până Când Nu Te Iubeam, Pink Martini) Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show) gratuitous watch pic (Click to show)


This jacket is fantastic!

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Trying out a new spot.

photo IMG_6458_zpsa00cf9a8.jpg
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
photo IMG_6447_zpsef7cc26a.jpg

photo IMG_6446_zps1416bb87.jpg
Nautica (yes, Nautica)
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

caustic man - that looks very nice.


Thanks brah. That means a lot coming from you. 

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Spent almost 2 weeks in France, visiting Paris, Nice, and many smaller cities/towns/villages in the South of France. We had an amazing time. Here are some photos...




More pics... (Click to show)
On the way to Villa Franche-sur-Mer

In Antibes

At the Chagall museum in Nice

I think this is Notre Dame in Paris...

In the tube at Zurich airport

Our apartment in Paris, in the Saint Germain area

In Monte Carlo/Monaco

These were always amazing (Paris, and pretty much everywhere else)

Anniversary dinner in the Eiffel Tower

Street art in Nice


Sunset from our hotel room in Nice
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^^^ *Sigh* I miss Paris. You know, they always say Paris has the best food, and it's damn true. Even the lesser restaurants were a cut above what you'd find elsewhere. My favorite was Le Hotel. They have a Michelin star restaurant that is insanely good.

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I think this is the last time in this season I can wear this old cotton sports coat from Caruso


See details (Click to show)





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Originally Posted by Holdfast View Post

Glad you remembered to; good-looking suit. It's what I think of as a very "appropriate" silhouette: fits right, and without any sort of crazy cut or detail that would offend anyone. A go-anywhere sort of suit.

Thanks. Your opinion is one that I greatly value. As to the silhouette, you pretty much nailed what we were going for. The goal was to be versatile while not usual. So the styling is very conservative while the cloth has some eccentricity.
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Originally Posted by Caustic Man View Post

Thanks brah. That means a lot coming from you. 




moo - that looks awesome. thanks for sharing the pics.
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wedding fit (not my wedding, friend of mrs. stitch).

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Odd choice for the trou, I know, but I was feeling funky. And that this is how I do funky....is sad.

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another Casual shawl collar, pants are wrinkled cause of my pose








Details (Click to show)

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That is a distractingly large knot.
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