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I forgot to post this here today.

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Some recent shots

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looking good, tits.

you too, K.
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Originally Posted by DonCologne View Post

What´s wrong with that? 


We have discussed this earlier, and I know you don't ask me this time. But I dare to answer this.


For me it is a mix of formality. Jeans are causual and all fine, and french cuff are formal and all fine - but not together.

It's the same with jeans and a coat, it's a mix of formality (and a outworn cliche). Jeans are perfect with sweater, or a leisure jacket, but not together with a SC, since they belong to different levels of outfit and give a contraditory expression. To me it's like sneakers with a suit.


Besides that everyone can wear whatever he wants, imo.

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Originally Posted by Betelgeuse View Post

Can't figure out how to focus without a remote. 


Use manual focus. Make a best-guess setting. Then take the first three or four photos with the same pose, but inching forward a little each time.


Now check to see which position gave the best focus (e.g. for fine detail on tie and PS) and stand in that spot for all subsequent poses.


Another trick is to use narrow apertures (say f11 and higher) to give more depth of field. But you will need more light for this. Or you can up the ISO. Or decrease the shutter speed. Or get a better fucking camera.



p.s. with all this apparent expertise, I still take shite photos. Go figure.

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Originally Posted by Pingson View Post

Going back to work after a short weekend always sucks, but I need to prepare for an intense two-week teaching period that starts on Wednesday. Looking forward to the break from daily routines that teaching gives.... Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show) Details and such: (Click to show)


Me like those pants, Pingson. Deets?

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Another day, another baggy linen...for now.  


Mo' bag (Click to show)




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Originally Posted by Anden View Post


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



Great jacket :) 

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Hi Guise,


everything lite-weight today




deet (Click to show)



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Originally Posted by Betelgeuse View Post

Can't figure out how to focus without a remote. I like this jacket. I need moar ties... heading to Spoo's thread. 

Those pants are icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Originally Posted by VictorSFreturn View Post


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Victor, it's great to see you posting again. I don't really know whether it's deliberate or not, but there's always a lovely sense of idiosyncratic pastiche about many of your outfits, which I really like.


Originally Posted by Ianiceman View Post

I also got a black garza fina which has yet to be worn. It replaced a satin silk tie I had, and will be fine if I'm ever required to attend a funeral. But I'm of the opinion that ties offer the chance for a splash of colour in otherwise sedate backgrounds (navy/ charcoal suit, solid or blue striped shirt) so despite the general adoration of black knit or grenadine ties by the SF intelligentsia, any time I consider wearing a black tie I decide to go for something more colorful instead.


I wear my black grenadine very occasionally and agree that it's just too funereal for most days. Funnily enough when I bought mine, it was also to replace a satin silk black tie. I do have a suit (and one jacket) that plays very well with a black tie though, so I'm thinking about getting a black knit for it. A bit less morbid than the black grenadine, so it should work fine for those days.


On a more general - and equally heretical - note, I find solid colour grenadines to be a lot less versatile than SF tends to view them. For me, they're too more formal for most odd jacket looks (if you want a textured tie for those, wear a knit or a wool/cashmere if it's winter), while still not being formal enough for a more businessy suit where you'd typically wear a normal silk tie. And I don't really like solid on solid looks most of the tie anyway. So I find that they occupy a fairly narrow spectrum of utility of being used with suits that are somewhat - but not too much so - casual in both fabric & pattern. This is why I only own two of them: the aforementioned rarely-worn black, and a navy.


Originally Posted by Cotton Dockers View Post
  Details (Click to show)

The shirt collar looks very nice in close up, but a bit flattened in the fuller shot. Not sure why. Is it slightly too big for your neck perhaps, and so falling down a bit?


Originally Posted by Frankie22 View Post


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



Not my cup of tea at all, but I get what you're aiming for, and think it works in that context.


Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post
  Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


This is a prime example of the kind of jacket (pattern & colours) that I would hate on me, and but think it can look great on others. Nice one.


Originally Posted by An Acute Style View Post


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



I find the green of the cardigan a little too close to the green of the cords. Overall palette is nice though.


Originally Posted by mktitsworth View Post

I forgot to post this here today.
  Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Glad you remembered to; good-looking suit. It's what I think of as a very "appropriate" silhouette: fits right, and without any sort of crazy cut or detail that would offend anyone. A go-anywhere sort of suit.

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Wet & gloomy day. But never fear; this shirt reminds me of summer deckchairs!



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Along with Florian Küblbeck, I think his SF nick is sterling or something.


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Originally Posted by conradwu View Post


Great jacket :) 

Cheers! It´s a Tagliatore Napoli in Zegna Heritage fabric.

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