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Hardly the first side-track in this thread, and at least this one's about classic menswear - leave the man alone!  Try the "Unfunded Liabilities" thread for ideas, Rudy.  But beware: if this thread is the most brutal, that one is the most rarified.  There, you will be in the presence of great knowledge and enormous egos.  So no whining or sounding "entitled".  They don't like that.  I'm a bit scared of them.  But they know a LOT.

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Yeah...I think I get where his coming from. I just need to shut up and START putting up decent pix. Didn't realize I was annoying the S#IT out of some people. So much for trying to socialize. :brick:

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Stop whining.



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Oh S#IT, my bad. 

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Originally Posted by rudals1281 View Post

Wow...lots of hate. 
Sometimes I feel like talking to people in this thread and sometimes it goes off the purpose of this thread.
My bad on that. 

dont worry about it. keepon keepin on. tangents are part of WAYWRN, always has been.

regarding your question tho, will @ fields is the effing man. i am sure he can guide through the process.

however, if you are looking specifically for SF all-star status, going bespoke this early in your game is a dangerous choice.

will does great great work, but not all great work is SF approved. if you really seek SF approval, be aware, you may spend 4k + on a single suit and people may say no good. and if that will make you hate your suit, you will have just wasted a lot of money.

IMHO, do not buy anything bespoke for at least a full year of active SF participation. learn learn and learn more, and fail along the way. and once you are more certain of what you like and what flies over here, then go bespoke. let your failures be less financially devastating. trust me.

now, if you dont care about SF approval, that is a different story, but i do not gather that is the case. and even if you dont care, there is what to be said about spending time learning what you like before you go bespoke. ones personal style develops and you may be surprised where you land in the end, and realize what you really do like and dont like.

and im sure in the meantime, at work and with friends, you look better than most.
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^^ Word.


Why not just try a couple of MTMs to get the ball rolling?

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I sometimes dress myself into a corner.  I had a really hard time finding a jacket to go with this outfit.  My pocket square matches my tie and these pants are awfully short.  They're on my tailoring list.  





Full body and details. (Click to show)




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Originally Posted by Orgetorix View Post



Nice fit, Orge. Yours is what I wanted mine to be.


Originally Posted by mimo View Post

T, that tie is preposterous.  And yet so you.  Once again, reality is confounded by Tirailleur's "quantum style".


In the mean time, I just wanted to show off this tie from Yellow Hook that I fell in love with today.


Beautiful tie, Mimo.

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Thanks CD.  I must say I've been really delighted with the Yellow Hook experience.  Don Roberto is not only a thoroughly pleasant and decent human being with whom to do business, but the maker of some absolutely exceptional neck candy.  I have three.  And it would be dishonest - with myself primarily - not to add "so far".



AAS: you know how I feel about your horsebits, and you're right about the trousers.  But somehow, with that cord jacket, your loafers seem to have found a strange harmony.  I like it.

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Originally Posted by Tirailleur1 View Post

Lagos, Nigeria


beautiful tie ... fantastic ... a real dandy ... congratulations sir ..

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Originally Posted by Pingson View Post

Those shoes inlove.gif


Thank you sir.

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aaaannddd today. Four days, four different navy blazers.


I think I should have gone with a solid shirt and done something different with the pocketsquare, but I really wanted to wear that particular shirt. I think white would've been better than blue.

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clags, is it just me or have you posted 16 fits in about 24 hours?
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I think 3 in a 12 hour period. One was from earlier in the week. I wasn't going to post it because the jacket was too short. Then I thought that was a stupid reason not to post it. Then I realized I had worn navy jackets three days in a row and got excited for Thursday. Now it's Thursday.


I get prize, yes?

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