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Originally Posted by GMMcL View Post

Busy day. Can't stay and chat. Teaching tonight; the "perfect game" continues (0 suit repeat). Feeling bold today.

photo IMG_6324_zps4d110b14.jpgWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
photo IMG_6325_zps16c9c8cb.jpgphoto IMG_6326_zps0ca207f8.jpg
Unknown silk, hand rolled
Allen Edmonds (belt)

Edit: thanks for the love last week, guize!

Loving the texture on that tie.

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Originally Posted by Flyswatter View Post

Nice outfit overall, but that jacket is quite long for you, no? (And I'm not one who prefers short jackets.)

Edit: A fair comment. Appreciate the feedback.
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thanks, steffenbp11! great looking suit. would love to see a full pic.
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Originally Posted by FillW View Post
Originally Posted by Holdfast View Post

Mind you, you'd think I'd remember what day it was today, as I had to collect a new car this afternoon. First car I've owned that actually required me to read the instruction manual to understand half of the settings. When did cars become this complicated? My former car was about a decade old. When I got it, it was pretty much top of its model range and the computer was pretty much intuitive. The new car is today's incarnation of the same model and has easily 20-30 times the complexity in terms of settings and customisability. And from what I hear in the news, in another 10 years time, when I next get round to upgrading, we'll probably all have self-driving cars.


I rented a car this weekend cause I went on a long trip to go fishing at Cape Cod, Mass. I slept when I got back and the car was parked outside my window. At about 4:30 in the morning I hear some car's horn blaring and see lights flashing in the window. I thought to myself "I hope whoever owns that car turns those things off". After a minute I sit up and look out the window and see that it's the car I rented doing that. The key with the alarm button is sitting on a night table next to my bed. I was alone and asleep up until then.


 The car quit doing that by itself a few seconds later.





Thankfully, mine hasn't started doing that! I just hadn't realised the leaps that cars have made over the 10 years since I last bought one (and this is within a like-for-like model comparison). I appreciate that it's old hat to most people, but for me, little things like the satnav now seem ridiculously clever compared to old ones: like being able to search for within the local are for restaurants by name, and it having the associated phone number letting you call them at the press of a button. Or having SD slots, so you don't need to connect a music player. And so on. But the most fun thing is how much the engine note/volume changes when you put it into dynamic mode; my old car was a naturally aspirated V8 and the new one is a supercharged V6, and I was a bit ambivalent about that. But on the dynamic setting it actually sounds more mental than the V8 did, while on the comfort setting it's very quiet & relaxed. Engine management has got very clever indeed... I'm even told that an ECU flash can give the S4 the same straight line performance as an RS4. Not gonna do it though as there's no real point; it's quick enough already and I'd need to upgrade everything else to cope with that extra power I don't need. I haven't even built up the courage to test out the launch control, anyway!


Originally Posted by EFV View Post
Originally Posted by Holdfast View Post

Light now appears to be thing of the past until next year, so the choice is either grainy photos or weird colour balance. Having said that, these snaps from Saturday & today demonstrate a bit of both... laugh.gifWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I don't think I'll ever share your taste in ties (maybe I have a more typically Swedish taste for simpler patterns/colours). Other than that I really like these outfits.


Some would say that you could merrily delete the "a more typically Swedish" and "for simpler patterns/colours" bit of that fragment, and still be accurate... but I love 'em anyway! :D

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Ring Jacket

My chocolate shantung :happy: 

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Originally Posted by mimo View Post
As for needing two new SCs to "wear with denim", really, just drop that nasty denim.  But I repeat myself.  Get new SCs to wear with cords, autumnal flannels, even chinos.  It will make you a better person.


Who's buying sport coats to wear with denim?


Jeans with an untucked dress shirt is pretty much the standard for Toronto's main stream night life scene.  Add a SC and all of a sudden you are 'dressed up' for a lot of places in our Entertainment District. Last night, even at a nicer restaurant and especially at a party afterwards, a jacket and trousers was Way more formal than what almost any one else had going on. I realize that Toronto's scene is a different venue than SF (and vice versa) and so you won't see me posting pics of SCs with jeans in here. 


That being said, the only pic that I Have posted of myself in a SC and jeans was to ask what colour of trousers to replace the jeans with and the follow up has consistently included rather 'direct' comments on my need to replace the jeans which is what I was trying to do in the first frickin' place. Geezus, I Get it, I Get It!! :) 

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Originally Posted by conradwu View Post Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



Ring Jacket

My chocolate shantung :happy: 

I lost my black unlined shantung tie :( no idea where it is, was really a nice tie - now as i see this beautiful chocolate one, I miss it even more

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Day off.  Went to see Gravity. 


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Best movie I've seen in a while.






Details. (Click to show)






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conrad, that is fantastic.
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Something also fantastic is headed your way :slayer: 

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Gravity-  good movie :satisfied:  Sandra Bullock rox

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Cross-post from the watch appreciation thread. Sorry for the bad quality, Baroque lighting, and close crop. Next time I wear this suit of armor, I'll be sure to get full and detailed shots.

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CD, GMcC, Conrad, DC love your stuff today/yesterday icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif


Camel Angora SC today. FU enough on its own, so took a lead from el Stitches and went with texture n plain accessories


Grenadine- Drakes w/ Ecru stripe

lite blue Kamakura & lite blue linen (Henry  Carter)


Oxbloods- Vass









Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



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