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Please can anyone tutor me on how to use the spoiler? I have tried to no avail to insert the spoiler atleast to hide some of my copious photos. I am trying to adhere to the charter of this forum regarding the photo format. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Regards ! smile.gif

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Anything to get that crotch bulge off my screen!

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Argh!  Now you've said it I can't un-see it!





1.  Write your text and add your pictures in the text editor.


2.  Drag the mouse (i.e. holding the left button) over the text and/or pics you want to hide


3.  The area to hide is now highlighted blue, at which point move to the icons at the top of the text editor, and you will see a black coloured speech bubble centre left - same row as the "add a picture" and smiley face icons etc.  Click that speech bubble once


4.  A pop-up window will appear with the text "Warning: Spoiler" in a text box at the top, marked "hint", and your highlighted stuff in a text box at the bottom.  Change the hint/title from "Warning: Spoiler" to anything you want e.g. "Here are my testicles - look!"


5.  Click "Submit" on the pop-up, and then submit your post as normal using the blue button at the bottom.  The content you highlighted should be hidden behind a text line that says whatever you wrote for "spoiler tag" title.

like this (Click to show)


[Insert genitals here]

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Originally Posted by Murlsquirl View Post

Just a weeee bit.
Oh great. Now I've been labeled, "Energetic weirdo."
...guess it's better than an arrogant douschebag...won't name any names but he was a fine artist...according to himself that is
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mcobinad, you set the spoiler tags and within those you post your pictures with the IMG tags.

As for your outfits, I think all your jackets have too much waist suppresion.
I don't know if you have very broad shoulders and a tiny waist or if the jackets are just too wide for you around your shoulders but I would either go with a wider waist or narrower shoulders.
Am also not a fan of flap pockets on casual jackets, especially when paired with fun chinos.
As for those chinos I think they look fine from the knees down but too snug around your thighs and in the top block.
Finally, I don't mind it as much in your as in some other guys pictures, but neither a Hermès belt nor a Gucci bag will get you a lot of compliments around this side of the forum.
You seem like a nice guy with the will and funds to improve, so please keep us updated with further pictures smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Ianiceman View Post

Eh? His constant self flagellation makes him come off like a desperate teenager looking for acceptance at the cool kids' table. Wearing very thin now, especially as his pics are usually at least decent.
This statement is somewhat true. Hells yes I want to do this right and look well. I think that is why I listen to all the feedbacks. Am I a whining little kid sometimes? Fuck yeah!
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tis a suit

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RDiaz, awesome pattern for a suit. I don't know if it's just the color as it appears on my monitor, but I would have gone with a different tie. The orangey-ness of the suit pattern and the PS clashes with the fuchsia-esque tie, I think. And not in a good way.

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hmmm. windowpane is brownish, same goes for PS, and the tie is madder red. Looks like camera has messed colors up.

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In that case I can't really say anything about it. The colors look so far from what you described that I can't get a sense of it.

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Sr Diaz, when you post, I hear angels singing.  You and Pingson.


But I did prefer it when you were the Jesus of Lebowski rather than the Jesus of Borja. 

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Thursday, and not a moment too soon.

Suit and shirt - BB MTM
Tie - Tyrwhitt
Collar pin - unknown origins, been around forever
Cufflinks - Metropolitan Museum of Art
PS - Alain Figaret
Shoes - Bexley, Paris

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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Originally Posted by Pliny View Post

I was really exited about this outfit, until I saw that it wasn't a suit... Why?!
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Kid, diaz, scbrown, crusty, lookin good!
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