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Originally Posted by chocsosa View Post

nothing wrong with a little banana in your life son, lol..but its pretty dope..Im surprised though because a lot of the lapels on their jackets are so skinny.. I feel like sometimes you cannot tell the difference between banana republic suits and J-Crew suits on the outside..

Well I bought it before they caught on the skinny lapel train late. I don't care that it is from Banana  Republic. I was just surprised to find something that not only fit but I fancied. 


Sorry I am watching Reggie Bush's td as I type this. Cotdang. 

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like the tie, Tirraleur  ^^
and thanks for the likes guys

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Originally Posted by mickael View Post


ask and you shall get an answer ;)

PS: this is about 4 years old but that's the easiest link I could remember off.




It all makes sense!  Entertaining you certainly are.  


Mickael, there's always room for a bit of dandiness around here, and I agree with you that context is very important.  A very few, like Monsieur le Tirailleur, manage to somehow be SF icons while breaking all the SF rules at the same time.  For us as mere mortals, it is usually necessary to accept that SF rules can be broken, but nobody has to like it.  How much we care whether SF likes it is a personal choice.


Me, I like my brightly coloured socks sometimes, contrasting shoelaces here and there, and even wear trousers with a little break (*audible gasp*).  These things do not gain much love.  Yet, as you said, I am complimented daily in the real world for being a sharp dresser (albeit with little competition where I live!).  Conversely, I despise sockless loafers, and "crossover" combinations such as jeans or cargo pants with a jacket and tie.  I hate some things that I see on SF, and SF hates some things they see on me.  One thing I have to admit, though, is that although I have my own style, I've been inspired by a lot of things I've seen on here - and often that which is closest to traditional ideals of classic menswear.


Take what you like and agree to differ on what you don't.  Just never take it personally.  We all cool here.  In any language.


P.S.  Pleased to meet you.



Originally Posted by Tirailleur1 View Post



What's most ironic here, bruvva, is that this is possibly the most CM post I've ever seen from you.  And awesome it is.  Yet not strangely incongruous on you - I can't help thinking you need a sequinned boater or a feather boa or something.



Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

very nice, T. classic and timeless.



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Mickael you've looked at and posted in the thread so you know what gives.

I'll try to make constructive suggestions from a classic MC POV.  


The most useful crit i can offer is to suggest that  u load better pics- this one is so tiny and low res that it's hard to tell what's going on , but obvious stuff is..


..  shirt collar points could be broader so they're hidden by jacket lapels

..  u need more 'tie-space' so the top of the tie knot overlaps the top of the collar and not vice versa

..  square could be folded a little smaller, and angled down towards the inside edge of the pocket (assuming it's linen)

.. jacket is too short, and while jacket length is partly personal, this one is outside the usual MC margin of preference

.. fit is generally too tight




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Originally Posted by mickael View Post

Oh and here is another one... Flame on !!wink.gif


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Chinese National Day holiday here in Shanghai. And so to lunch with friends.




SC, shirt, pants: Canali (yes, I am a Canali ho)

PS: TM Lewin

Shoes: Pal Zileri

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The dog just died.



Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

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Originally Posted by landscapes View Post

Perfectly executed ivy. What are the shoes? I am looking for good brogues with a more serious tread.

Thanks for the kind comment. The shoes are Allen Edmonds "Fenway".
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Originally Posted by Louis XIV View Post

Timo, is it the angle of the picture of have you decided to slightly increase the inseam length and leg opening of your pants?
I think the fit of the pants in this most recent picture looks way better than in older pictures of yours in which I thought the inseam was too short and the opening too small.
Overall a very well executed classic look.
Keep it up!


These are actually my widest pants & I must say I like the look more and more.
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Originally Posted by mickael View Post

Oh and here is another one... Flame on !!wink.gifWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Change the shirt to something with a better collar (more spread) and this fit will look really good. The skinny suit is designed for people with your frame.

I think you can learn a lot about fit and coordination here but seeing what you do for a living, a lot of "rules" are not meant for you.
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Tuesday, with a seeming return of late summer (certainly temperature-wise, in NYC), hence today's attire. Choice of footwear was the direct influence of GMMcl, whose choice of footwear for his fit for yesterday inspired mine today.

Suit - BB
Shirt, tie & shoes - Tyrhwitt
Cufflinks - Penhaligon's
PS - Alain Figaret

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In light of past couple of pages, I must say that, personally, I find this thread at its least enjoyable when it moves into the arcana of what styles are suitable for the thread and what are not. But then, I still think that this the thread was at its most interesting when it was one with the SW&D thread, before the Great (Forum) Schism.




Anyway, new suit today (Suitsupply Napoli); bought a few weeks or so ago but the first time I've got round to wearing it post-tailoring. I also have a slightly narrower navy pinstripe suit in a heavier material and technically, this one was bought to be more for summer as it's a lighter weight compared to some of the other items I've been wearing recently, but as the weather is fairly mild, it'll do good duty as a shoulder-season item when paired in a somewhat more autumnal way e.g. with this tie's colours. Mild the weather may be, but resolutely overcast too, so apologies for the grainy, over-adjusted photo:



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Originally Posted by timotune View Post

shades of grey: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Those are pretty nice-looking trousers Timo, details?
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Thanks for all the thumbs on yesterday's fit. I felt dead-tired this morning (not all that surprising with a three-week old in the house) and couldn't muster anything but the most basic outfit. When in doubt, just go with the classics, I guess smile.gif

Details: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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Blue oxford: most versatile shirting?



(Last one is today.)
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Nice coat, Tirailleur. Have you thought of swapping the buttons for something more interesting?
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