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Originally Posted by TTO View Post



Theo (if I may), you know I'm a great admirer of your style, but I'm not feeling that particular shirt with the rest of the ensemble.


Originally Posted by mickael View Post

Claghorn, thank you for your useful post. I have no problem taking criticism when it is constructive (like yours) I do post pictures to get feedback, just as try to provide to other member's when commenting on their pictures, for example when I mentioned to another member earlier that I would have matched the watch band and the belt with the color of the shoes, this is what I call useful feedback and what I was after, not the sarcasm of certain people here. as I said you do not like my style ? fine then tell me what doesn't work so I can fix it but take in consideration that we are not all in the same situation. a 60 year old white collar will not dress like a 30 year old entertainer. I can do things most people with a strict dress code can't just like I couldn't pull off some of you guys' outfits but I can respect when one is well put together .

I posted here and not in the denim forum because I'm posting pictures with a suit on, a shirt a tie and pocket square, not jeans and t shirts. I didn't realize that this section of the forum was so "classic" and that a good amount of the people posting here are twice my age.

Again I was only looking for pointers on how I can improve "MY" style.

Style is not something defined or written in stone, it can be bended and adjusted to a certain person's personality however some basic "rules" (I hate this word) still apply such as coordination, colors, patterns etc which is what I was seeking feedback on.


Mickael, welcome to the forum. Everyone takes a bit of a knocking here when they first arrive - I think it's clear that people recognize that you have a certain look (whether they like it or not), and no-one has been realluy rude to you, only in one case somewhat sarcastic but even that sarcasm contains a kernel of a compliment.


However, you've been a a bit rude yourself: for example, claiming that Tirailleur doesn't know how to dress, quite frankly, shows a lack of knowledge and appreciation for the variety of what can work within a classic menswear framework - which is ironic, considering that is what you are accusing others of here. If you are looking for constructive critique and pointers to improve your style (which you certainly didn't seem to be asking for at first), and not just trying to show off and tell everyone how much better you are than everyone else here, then I would suggest that you can't predefine what critiques you are prepared to listen to. Better pictures would also help. Instagrammed shots might be fine for display but they aren't much good for seeing detail or accurate colours and textures.


This side of the forum adheres to certain basic standards of classic menswear, despite the variation (and there is a lot as In Stitches has said). I only post a small percentage of what I wear here for that same reason - I don't expect this particular forum to approve of everything I wear. The nearest poster I can think we've had here to what you are trying to do was LabelKing, who was (eventually) much admired, if not legendary - you might want to look up his fits for some inspiration, and yes there have been other musicians and entertainers. If you are really insisting on a completely different way of doing things, then there is a streetwear suits thread in SW&D, which might be more to your liking. 

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Generally, you'll want the collar points of your shirt to rest comfortably under your jacket lapels. The exception to this would be button down collars, which I sense would definitely not be your style.


Not a big fan of skinny ties (anything under 3 inches), but I understand that the narrow lapel necessitates them. That tie, however, seems a bit odd. There's zero widening or tapering on it, which is a bit unusual.


+1 to checking out LabelKing







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Mickael - No offense, but my first thought when I saw you was a scene from the movie Eurotrip when the characters were in Belgravia, and the locals were just then getting Miami Vice on TV, The movie was set around 2003. So now I wonder, what sort of entertainment are you in to dress as you do?
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ITT: I hold back my rants.
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But in some weird way that look may work for you

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I'll just stay out of this...ugh
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Originally Posted by clarinetplayer View Post

Perfectly executed ivy. What are the shoes? I am looking for good brogues with a more serious tread.
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I think with your sarcasm you helped either yourself nor mickael. He dresses himself like I would never do. He seems satisfied with his style and I think the problem between Mickael and many of the members here is, that we have the focus on the classic menswear aspect and he has the focus more on the fashion aspect. Nothing wrong with that and nothing wrong with being a little bit more tolerant.

And many people here can learn something from Mickael: He is authentically and his outfits are consistently and he takes the hostilities like a gentleman.


Woah woah woah

I wasn't being sarcastic at all. I was actually serious. Yeah I was using hyperbole but it was just in fun. I like his fit especially the first one he posted previously.


Am I really being accused of being a Classic Menswear zealot? 


Where is Caustic Man to list my tirades on CM?

oh the irony. 

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Originally Posted by Tirailleur1 View Post Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




Where's your LV bag, brah?

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^^^Yo, T..deets on the DB Blazer homey!

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very nice, T. classic and timeless.
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Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

Where's your LV bag, brah?

One swag item at a time. As you can see I am already titling to the side from sheer swagforce. shit's dangerous yo

Originally Posted by chocsosa View Post

^^^Yo, T..deets on the DB Blazer homey!


Banana Republic... yeah... That Banana Repbulic

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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

very nice, T. classic and timeless.



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Originally Posted by Tirailleur1 View Post


Banana Republic... yeah... That Banana Repbulic

nothing wrong with a little banana in your life son, lol..but its pretty dope..Im surprised though because a lot of the lapels on their jackets are so skinny.. I feel like sometimes you cannot tell the difference between banana republic suits and J-Crew suits on the outside..

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