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Sneak peek of my new Tom Ford suit. I got it for a hefty discount but it still nearly bankrupted me.


Will be having the sleeves shortened a little and the pants waist taken in. Also I have to lose a couple of kilos myself.


Just threw on a random shirt and tie for this snap. Once the alterations are done I'll try to post a proper fit.


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Originally Posted by MTB-85 View Post

Went to school with blazer and bow tie... 




Went casual in the afternoon...



Bow tie is unlined silk from Berg & Berg - awesome stuff!


The quality of the pictures could have been better... sorry about that.

 - Morten


I like it, and I think the colours are nice, but there is too many patterns (jacket, shirt, tie and PS) and that makes it a bit busy. A plain shirt would be better.

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I think considering Morten's youth and demeanor it's a perfectly appropriate and fun bit of eccentricity.  If only more students took such trouble.  Sure, it's a bit too bright even for me, but then I've just passed forty and he doesn't want to look like the other guys' dad. :)



(Diaz, Butch, nice to see those autumnal textures again.  I think along with Pingson, your styles are my favourites in this thread.  But he does have the advantage of living in the Arctic.  Still 38C/100F here, just went for a walk at lunch time and got sunburned...might manage flannel in a month or two.  On which note, nice soot, Coxaca*)



*How is one supposed to pronounce your name?  When I say it, it sounds rather a lot like "cocksucker".  Shurely shome mishtake?

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Shurely no mishtake. It's a joke handle I first used to log in to IMDB, then shanghaiexpat.com, and now this hear forum. Highly regrettable it is. You may laugh at me.



p.s. I had that Ian Hislop in the back of the cab once.

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I am reassured of your intelligence if not your good taste :lol:

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Originally Posted by TTO View Post

Photographed by Khalil Musa at Gieves & Hawkes' launch party for Rose Callahan & 'Natty' Adams' new book 'I am Dandy: The Return of the Elegant Gentleman'. ( others from the event can be found on the Gieves facebook page, Rose's Flickr acount & various blogs around the web...)

Nice !!
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If I recall correctly, sir TTO have that 3 piece suit with two different waistcoats: a single breasted and a double vested. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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This is perfect.
Originally Posted by MalfordOfLondon View Post

m1.jpgWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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First post. Go easy (please).

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Originally Posted by acubed82 View Post

First post. Go easy (please).



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Originally Posted by acubed82 View Post

First post. Go easy (please). Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

If only you had done the same... smile.gif

Seriously, though, the tie is a lot. I don't care for it, but if you're going to wear it, I think it would look better if that were a casual suit instead of an odd jacket combo. Also, anyone wearing that tie shouldn't be concerned that it's going to flap in the breeze.
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Originally Posted by acubed82 View Post

First post. Go easy (please).



The tie and the PS is too much.

The rest is ok.

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Well don't just sit there eating popcorn CM cos PC ain't gonna help much..


@acubed: I take it you were born in 82 making your a 31 year old.


Overall: clothes don't fit or suit you very much.



Jacket: is too big for you. Shoulders are too wide and jacket too long. Gorge is very high on the jacket too. Fasten the top button for jacket when standing and because you have not fastened the button, I cannot see if the jacket is too long for you.

Tie: Length should sit at top of belt buckle. Tie itself, burn it. If you gonna wear a tie bar it needs to be a lot higher, probably between the 3-4th button from the top on the shirt. Probably get a knitted Navy tie.

Pocket square is showing too much.

Shirt: lose the button down collar. Shirt Cuffs seem to me missing.


Those are some things i notice.

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Appreciate the feedback, gents. Didn't think the tie would inspire so much hate smile.gif

@Johnboy: Not sure what my age has to do with anything. Also, disagree with you about the jacket length and the tie bar. Jacket just covers my posterior, which is a good length, I think. And a tie bar is supposed to keep the end of your tie from flapping around too much, so not sure why you would clip it so high unless your only concern is people seeing it when your jacket is buttoned.

Now whether someone who's wearing such a loud (and burnable tie) should be concerned about it flapping around is another question.
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If you wear the tie clip very low, you're only really ensuring that your tie does not move at all which isn't necessarily what you want. Having it visible when your jacket is buttoned is a good enough reason to clip it higher but I think it also has to to with the just purpose of the tie clip. I think the reasonable justification is that keeping it higher fulfills it's purpose of not drooping onto a table or in food while you're at a dinner table or something along those lines, and still being a noticeable accessory. You probably paid a sum of money for a clip that is shiny/decorated in some subtle way, show it off as part of an outfit and not just a piece for utility.

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