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Repp that.  



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Ercoles, Yellow Hook Necktie Co, Epaulet, Carmina

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In my opinion, this was done extremely well. I am curious about what color you went with on the pants.
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Sam Hober
EG Capelli
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Avery fresh look where less is more. Nice! 

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Boglioli k
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Woah Spoo, short jacket! Just kidding, I don't care! It looks great!

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Aw, dammit. I was already feeling like I didn't quite nail this one and then Rob goes and wears a very similar jacket... AND CRUSHES IT.

photo IMG_5798_zpsad408c3e.jpgWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
photo b522ba2a-09f2-4139-af3e-fc68a39aa174_zps6ec5fee6.jpgphoto IMG_5801_zpscac65258.jpgphoto IMG_5802_zps113cf9bd.jpg
Paul Stuart USA
Hilditch & Key
Nicky Milano (tie)
RLPL (squ)
Alden for Barrie Ltd.
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Pink: the colour of real men.



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SC, belt: Canali

Shirt, cuffs: Farage

Tie: RLP

Square: random

Watch: Grönefeld

Pants: Pal Zileri

Shoes: G&G


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Which Luxire collar is that?

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The combo works for you.  I luv the SC.


Which Luxire collar is that?

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Pink: the colour of real men.


I might well be and certainly I like a bit of pink myself, but that is not a good tie (and also not well tied), and it may be just the lighting in your photograph, but there's something about the overall impression of the colours you've used that adds up to a feeling of somewhere between beige and puce, which makes me feel a little queasy. I think the shirt is the main reason, but the cobalt / turquoise overstripe in the jacket and the brown pants plus the shirt and tie just doesn't work. I would have worn a different coloured shirt, not something related-to-but-not-quite-pink, if you really wanted to wear than tie, or a different tie with that shirt (but ideally neither, together or apart). :)

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I know some may say the pattern on the tie is too close in scale to the pattern on the shirt, but I really like this combination.

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Thanks for all of the great feedback on my last post, guys!

My responses here (Click to show)

On the jacket, I realized the sleeves are a bit short but I really like the material and look of it. My tailor said that there is nothing left to be let out in the sleeves. Is it too egregious to salvage, should I abandon it? Or perhaps continue to wear it with shirt sleeves slightly shorter?


On the shirt, I never realized how bright it seems to look until you pointed it out. The pattern and weave is roughly similar to an ocbd, and I thought I would use it as a fill in. After your comments I looked at it again and it almost has a satin like finish. I may just get rid of it . . .


On the pants, I did not at all notice how long they look. I may try them another time with suspenders and see if sitting a bit higher on my waist doesn't smooth them out. If that doesn't work I may just ditch them also.


On the socks, I wouldn't have had them photographed if I didn't want them critiqued! I just recently walked out of the always match socks to trousers mindset and am muddling through how to incorporate "fun" socks well. Also unsure about brands and common "staple" styles. I will continue to research these.


On tonight's outfit: I just got a suit back from the tailor today and thought I would give the "Friday Challenge" style a shot! I tried to keep in mind the great advice I recently received! Hated to wear the same shoes again but I thought they filled the casual suit role well.




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