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Diaz I'll swap u that tie n square for my check jacket.:sly:   love that damn tie 


Originally Posted by RDiaz View Post

collar is messed up in close-up





Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




Originally Posted by Ivar View Post

This would be such a great outfit had you just held back a little on the socks. Too matchy-matchy by far. I would even consider substituting discreet black or dark brown shoes for the suedes.


agree the socks r not rite-   black shoe'd be a def no-no tho :uhoh:-  the fit has casual elements- OCBD, brown tie, puffed square, blazer that aren't compatible with the formality of black shoes. suede's rite here IMO but with blue socks.

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Pliny - order it from Cappelli before he runs out of the silk! :tounge:


Hanky is Vanda's "autumnal blooms", I believe they still sell it.

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Originally Posted by Caustic Man View Post


My favorite place in Deutschland would have to be Munich. Das issen, das trinken, alles ist ser gut (assuming one likes German food, which I do). Frankfurt I could never see again and not feel bad about it.



Originally Posted by aravenel View Post

Munich is pretty fantastic. Every now and then I fantasize about trying to move there.

I spent the better part of a year studying in Tuebingen, just south of Stuttgart, and so have a soft spot for that part of the country as well.


 I was stationed at Darmstadt for two years. I had a blast the whole time (except for some Army stuff). I went all over Europe whenever I had a chance and learned skiing. I skiid the Swiss and Austrian Alps but my favorite place was the Garmish resort in southern Germany (think that's what it was called). I liked Frankfurt with the cool music clubs and Christmas market in December. Only went to Munich once but just drove through.

 I also liked going to the French and Spanish Riviera in the summer.

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The tweed seasons starts:


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nice pose AAS

nice beard NYI
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Great look Don...outstanding!!!  richard10

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Red, white and blue (and charcoal) today.

Dos a cero. (sorry betelgeuse)
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Originally Posted by DonCologne View Post

The tweed seasons starts:


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Nice combination, and nice cuffs to the causual shirt. Not so happy with the hat, which for me seems to belong to another jacket.

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Originally Posted by TheWraith View Post Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Suit: Amy Yang MTM
Shirt: Tailorstore MTM.
Shoes: Shanghai Tianzi MTM.


You might want to try adding a little extra room to the chest in the next suit, and perhaps a little less room in the collar in the next shirt. I've never heard of the shoe company before; what was your experience like?




Probably more MC Casual, but enough crossover for this thread. The square-as-ersatz-ascot came undone rather quickly (not really big enough to be tied in this way) and so returned to normal pocket duty later in the day:



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German Tailoring....




...and some random shots.. (Click to show)



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with the little one this morning

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Same pose as the father, epic! :laugh: Very nice, estitchy!

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Today's palate says autumnal, but damned if it isn't 95 and 4000% humidity. Hence the cotton.
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Originally Posted by Betelgeuse View Post

Same pose as the father, epic! laugh.gif  Very nice, estitchy!

thanks, B! smile.gif
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