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nice pose AAS

nice beard NYI
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Great look Don...outstanding!!!  richard10

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Red, white and blue (and charcoal) today.

Dos a cero. (sorry betelgeuse)
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Originally Posted by DonCologne View Post

The tweed seasons starts:


See details (Click to show)






Nice combination, and nice cuffs to the causual shirt. Not so happy with the hat, which for me seems to belong to another jacket.

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Originally Posted by TheWraith View Post Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Suit: Amy Yang MTM
Shirt: Tailorstore MTM.
Shoes: Shanghai Tianzi MTM.


You might want to try adding a little extra room to the chest in the next suit, and perhaps a little less room in the collar in the next shirt. I've never heard of the shoe company before; what was your experience like?




Probably more MC Casual, but enough crossover for this thread. The square-as-ersatz-ascot came undone rather quickly (not really big enough to be tied in this way) and so returned to normal pocket duty later in the day:



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German Tailoring....




...and some random shots.. (Click to show)



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with the little one this morning

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Same pose as the father, epic! :laugh: Very nice, estitchy!

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Today's palate says autumnal, but damned if it isn't 95 and 4000% humidity. Hence the cotton.
photo b54a7d37-98f3-4b18-b00c-68bb40f4ec66_zps63d5286a.jpgWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
photo IMG_5467_zps34c434ec.jpgphoto eefd2d3b-a085-48bc-abac-e415305b8931_zpseccb0f0a.jpgphoto IMG_5470_zpsd061167c.jpg
J Press
Links unknown
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Originally Posted by Betelgeuse View Post

Same pose as the father, epic! laugh.gif  Very nice, estitchy!

thanks, B! smile.gif
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Nice fit SB!

It is seriously hot and muggy today so out came my super lightweight khaki suit!

Suit: Jey Coleman

In case you can't tell from my crappy pics, the tie is blue/white/brown. Shirt is white.
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^^^^ Ebonyman! your fit is ridiculous! Spot on and those Monks are sick.....details on the monks?

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Thanks Faribeana (Nice update on the avatar)!

The shoes are Magnanni. You can find good deals for them on ebay. They retail for upwards of $300 but I've been able to find them for $100 to $180 on ebay.
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Magnanni has got some really nice shoes if you're into sleek lasts. I still want to purchase a pair of single monks I saw a month ago, it was really nice.

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