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Originally Posted by conradwu View Post

DB for nightshift? What kind of job is this?

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Originally Posted by yjeezle View Post



I think the ritz charlton motto "We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen" is what a very good hotel distinguishes from a mediocre one. So it´s better to dress like a gentleman and not like a clown.

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Yjeezle, Cheap shot directed at DC. No class!!

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Originally Posted by specialk0449 View Post

Yjeezle, Cheap shot directed at DC. No class!!

+1 - if this was meant as a joke, it was a poor one. If it wasn't meant as a joke, then it's even worse.
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Originally Posted by specialk0449 View Post

Yjeezle, Cheap shot directed at DC. No class!!
you mad bro? chills it was a joke

EDIT: and I'm going to nip this in the bud right here.

apparently, I wandered into the no-fun zone all of a sudden here...

On the previous page there were speculations about DC being a hitman and an enforcer.
obviously more noble professions & SF-approved than a theater usher (/sarcasm)

I don't know how you might have taken it, but this was a mere post on what jobs require a DB suit at night not on how he is dressed, which is very sharp in my opinion.

In any case, DC if you happen to read this, it was just a "for fun" post and if you are offended I'm sorry
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Originally Posted by Ich_Dien View Post

Nice jacket, mate.

thanks, ich!
Originally Posted by coxaca View Post

I wonder about this hat. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Love the colour, texture and style, all of which IMHO work with the overall fit. What I'm not so sure about is the height of the crown and the shape of the indents. The top indent seems to be structured into the hat (some trilbys are made this way - I have one myself), meaning you can't punch it further in to lower the crown. The side indents seem poorly formed and maybe they could be punched in just a little further. The other issue may be that the hat is a size too small, although I'm not convinced about this either. If the size is right, then basically I have to conclude that the hat is simply too tall - maybe by 1cm. In which case if I were you, I'd consign this one to the flames and look for a replacement in the same style but with an ever-so-slightly lower crown.

Hats are so damn hard to get right.

long story short, i bought the hat from H&M as a gag, with my brother, maybe 4 years ago. we also bought bow ties and donned sun glasses. then we walked around teh mall watching people react to our get ups. iirc we had on super tight shoes, too. fun times.

that being said, i have no particular affinity for the hat, and i only dig it up from time to time, just for fun.
Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

Don't know about you, but in my world having a wife and children doesn't leave a ton of spare time for easily going by every shop and trying on different cuts.

i rarely shop B&M these days.
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Oddly enough, I just happened to watch for the first time the other evening, an old movie from 1973 "The Night Porter".


Very interesting film with a strong plot and incredible performances from Dirk Bogarde and Charlotte Rampling. Unfortunately it went terribly flaccid in the third act, becoming almost unbearably dull at times. Which was a shame, because the first and second acts were riveting. The movie is essentially Italian (direction, financing, cast etc all Italian), but set in Vienna and with dialogue in English. There's a Nazi subplot, but it's incidental to the core themes of the movie, which are deeply personal.

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I suppose I can't just wear gray pants all the time. patch[1].gif

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You got the juice now
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Like that a lot, Claghorn, but the gap between the bottom of the pocket and the bottom of the jacket throws off my sense of zen. Ever think about flapped patch pockets? If you had the top of the flap even with the bottom button, the pocket would be set lower, closing that gap. Also, I like flapped patch pockets...

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The next jacket I have made, I'll have the second button set about a centimeter lower and the pockets lowered accordingly. The jacket has fairly closed quarters, so you generally won't see shirt unless my hands are in my pockets (which admittedly, they are fairly often mwink[1].gif)

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Thats nice Claghorn ^^

Drakes tie and wool-silk square + BB District check

Demeter-Halmos Norwegers in Freudenberg calf, Goiserer sewn welt. This small Austro-Hungarian maker is no longer trading, but perhaps the father and son team make for Vass now- shame they closed because their styles were pretty authentic A-H.

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That is very nice, Pliny. How do you feel about wearing what seems to be a paisley madder in summer? Madders are my favourite ties but I think I'd feel a bit unseasonal wearing one here... maybe weather is a bit more autumnal where you live?

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Cheers Diaz, its Winter here in the southern hemi, but still pretty mild. The District Check im wearing it with is originally a tweed design, and the madder's colors go nicely IMO altho this is really a worsted.
fantastic linen fit the other day BTW
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Originally Posted by Monkeyface View Post

So, case in point about being lucky, look what I thrifted today! A slightly lighter than navy Pal Zileri Abito Privato suit, I believe that's their MTM line. It was made for a certain Sebastian, and not only does he have the same taste as I do, he also has the exact same body as I do, as the suit fits me very well, all it needs is a good pressing. Uncanny much? The fabric is a gorgeous S130's Guabello weave, with a very intricate pattern, the sleeves have working button holes, and the buttons themselves are navy, a nice detail.

The trousers are slightly wider than I'm used to, but I think it works well here, what do you guys think?


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)





Looks very good on you - nice fit and the tie is a beauty.
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