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Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post

RedDevil - Ahhh, I know that shirt. It's that grey and black POW pattern Ford right? Always liked it but no idea how to pair the damn thing. Though IMO I'd say shirt and tie, sure fine, but then go with a solid suit. Too many patterns, see comment below.

Timo - great great great, love your style. Not a big rotation of items but each outfit has a certain style that seems well thought out and modern without being too trendy. And for such a young guy, very well done. There's quite a bit going on here in terms of patterns, colors, and textures. I think it borders on being 'too much', but it's close. Even without the tie it would still be a very nice look too.

Holdfast - that last fit... oy. I know you love your wacky ties, but that's a hard one to match to begin with both because it's satiny and blocks of color, and it's what like ivory and teal? I'm not even sure how to match that tie. Light pink shirt, eh, no comment, it's fine. The SC, wow, sort of big and loud. Teal and MoP DB. My issue's actually the bellied wide lapels and as usual rather long skirt, ie it looks a bit dated and oversized. I would've actually paired that jacket with mid tones like a pressed beige pair of khakis or something like a pale pink and then done maybe like a colorful bowtie and white shirt and called it a day. Jeans are meh, though you've hemmed them with minimal break as though they were trousers or something. MC101 mistake IMO. Experimentation? well, at least you're playing with stuff but not your best look my friend shog[1].gif Hope that helps.

Just a comment I'll drop in here for a discussion point. I know there's really a few groups here, the dandy and the CBD and the modern ingroup @menswear like trendy guys, and lastly the personal unique style guys... but a point that I've tried to reinforce a few times to people in real life is that if you're going to pick that 1 in 20 crazy fun attention item off the shelf, then resist your temptation to pair it up with equally crazy fun attention whoring items because the overall effect ends up a mess more often than not. My suggestion is that when you have one fun item, you surround it by neutrals to balance it out. You know, like pink pants, ok so white shirt and navy blazer, or bright PS, well then toned down shirt/tie, etc. Let the one item speak for itself instead of competing with everything else. You want to do your crazy fun colorful socks? fine, but don't do more than one other 'fun' item, otherwise the whole things gets visually messy. Eh, just an observation.
The other side of this argument says that you shouldn't wear just one crazy item with a sober outfit, as it'll be incoherent. Either go all out, or don't do it at all.
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Originally Posted by Johnboy View Post

I agree with that your outfit looks pretty good and fits you well OTR unaltered. The SC is as you say, a little short, but one doesn't get to have much say in the matter these days WRT current fashion dictates. Well fitting spread shirt collar, nice tie and knot, slightly curved SC lapels - reminds me of Tom Ford's quirks. The only thing missing is a sliver of white PS showing which I think finishes it off nicely. Let me know what you think?


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Yeah I agree. I really does look good with the pocket square you shopped in.  I like it.

Originally Posted by ZlatanSiNasce View Post


Where did you get that jacket? looks good

It is from uniqlo.

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Get this Canali silk/linen/wool sports coat today from the USA. I am try to loose some weight at the moment, so the fit should  be good after that. At the moment it´s a little bit too tight at the hips.



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Thanks for the thumbs & comments on my last fit.

today is blueday:

Full shots tonight.
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Looks promising - what shoes are those, Timo?

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I watched the Reds play again tonight in person at Petco Park. They seemed so tired to the point of looking plain lazy. Maybe if we all wore English Drape Suits and classic fedoras they would be more motivated. My English Drape suit was made in 1940, the same year the Reds won the World Series. It makes sense.
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Originally Posted by timotune View Post

Meermins http://meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=2749


Thought so! Very nice colour.

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Monkeyface, SB and Tiraleur nice fits a few pages back


Navy ventless blazer

Plum Grenadine and light blue linen square 

Flannels and Oxbloods

I'm pretty much a wimp with signature pieces-  rather try to blend in.  All power to the peacocks tho icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif- world'd be a dull place without them.

shout out to Henry Carter for the tie and hank







Vass Old English II

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The weather continues to be pleasant this week in NYC, and I continue to dress accordingly.

Suit & braces - Paul Stuart
Shirt & tie - BB
Cufflinks - Turnbull & Asser
Shoes - Bergdorf Goodman house brand

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Full fit is on Instagram for whoever follows me there, but I hadn't posted in this thread forever, so thought I'd share the headless version here:

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Imageshack problems...
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No smoking (> 4 months), yes running (first time in > 25 years) smile.gif

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^^^ Aw yeah! Another runner.

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Originally Posted by NOBD View Post

No smoking (> 4 months), yes running (first time in > 25 years) smile.gif

First time in 25 years? Good luck man. Congrats!

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