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Some more CBD. I'm so happy with this linen/wool suit, it's coming in very handy during this heatwave!


Fabric closeup (Click to show)






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Originally Posted by MrChris View Post

@ Sander - You two gentlemen of Shibumi looks classy as always!
Originally Posted by Jamesgatz View Post

Great contributions from Shibumi guys to StyFo - both the product and pictures.

Thanks a bunch!
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I like Panama hats but the two posted today with the brims turned down all the way round look either like an upturned bucket or a summertime version of Quentin Crisp. If you flip the brims up either part way or all the way round and set a bit of a jaunty angle they will look much better IMO. Remember what ol' blue eyes said. 'Cock your hat - angles are attitude!'
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Thanks for all the thumbs yesterday folks. Today, it's raining a bit and very grey, so I thought it was time for this shirts first wear to brighten things just a little.

Coat: Herringbone Sydney
Shirt: Kamakura
Tie: Henry Carter black crunchy knit
Trousers: MJ Bale
Shoes: Meermin MTO
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Evening everyone. GREAT looks on this page, especially Henry Carter, SB, Donuts, and my main Wolverine CP. Wish this tie was a shade or two lighter brown but I thought it would do. Have a good rest of the week everyone, only dress up day for me this week!

Shirt herringbone weave, pants are dove grey hopsack.

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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

Very nice, great tie! Your glasses are looking good too, where from?
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lotsa good fits. pingson, shibumi dudes, crusty, CD, SB, HC. sorry if i forgot anyone.

also, i picked a helluva day to be absent lol.
Originally Posted by EMartNJ View Post

It is all awful and does not belong on this forum. Go through and read this entire thread and then go and read the entire Good Taste Thread and then take a look at yourself before posting.
Originally Posted by EMartNJ View Post

It's just real talk.
Originally Posted by EMartNJ View Post

Telling somebody to do their research is sound advice.
Originally Posted by EMartNJ View Post

I'm not joking about anything. Reading through the entire thread will teach him more in a shorter time than spot corrections.

i think this timeless line from TBL is really the best way to address this.

yes, there is some truth to what you said. but being that you managed to phrase it in such an OTT harsh and heartless way, its no surprise that it was of no use to doyle or anyone else here. 3-5 years ago, when snark ruled the forum, maybe.

this might be another way to try and help out doyle.

1. that jacket truly is no bueno, i dont see how it can really ever work, certainly it will never be approved here. impressed tho that the sleeve length is correct.

2. it would seem the same goes for the shoes, as they appear to be square toe. hard to say.

3. the pants seem fine but could use a little bit of shortening at the hem as it appears to be pooling in a sloppy-ish fashion.

4. shirt is not great but not fire worthy imo, better as a casual shirt with chinos i think.

5. tie appears to a be purple grenadine. though some here hate purple, i think the tie is A-ok. i just it out of place with the strange jacket and very casual shirt.

6. your stance is KILLING you. your shoulders are thrown back and your midsection thrown forward, and is seemingly testing the elasticity of the jacket. that is the exact opposite of how you want to stand. stand straight, or even put your shoulders forward a little and let them take the attention.

that is how i would have said it, but thats just me.

Originally Posted by EMartNJ View Post

I'm not trying to have sex with Doyle.

idk, really not sold on that.
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Sorry, a reference to the movie, Predator, starring Arnold Schwartzenegger. The predator villain has a stealth field that kind of shimmers and goes all stripey when he is about to disappear.

Originally Posted by upr_crust View Post

At first, I was trying to determine what facial expression of mine was making me look predatorial, but then I realized that you were referring to the moire effect that takes place with digital photos of narrow vertical stripes - either that I am about to be transported a la "Star Trek", or that I am doing my own imitation of a work of Op Art.
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Originally Posted by EliodA View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

Very nice, great tie! Your glasses are looking good too, where from?

Thanks! The glasses are ancient Alain Mikli, my backup pair. I scratched the lens on my main pair a couple of weeks ago.
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Picked up a cream linen coat ystd, and here it is, worn.

I think I understand why so many people prefer a soft shoulder. It definitely has its charms, and looks less, for want of a better word 'artificial'.

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man I like that patch pocket  linen awsmness 

 special mention to Clarinet, HC, M-face, Crusty, Citan and Donuts for great fits, and to SB for bringing Xmas to July


and  thx for likes waaay back, Stitches for your comment especially


cashmere POW SC again,


snap boysdontcry on the wide space repp tie 

white linen square

flannels and 

black uhoh.gif Vass






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X-post from the Friday challenge
Originally Posted by Pingson View Post

The weather was actually better than promised here today, so I decided to go with white chinos with the grey flannel jacket to make it a more summer-appropriate outfit.

Details: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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The weather persists in being hot, and Cinderella, having come home from yesterday's ball at the Frick with both slippers, but damp from sweat, as opted for a more casual look today.

Shirt, trousers, shoes - all BB
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

One of the merry band of posters here criticized me for wearing my hat with the brim down all the way around - Quentin Crisp was invoked in comparison. In addition having far greater personal hygiene than Quentin (I met the man once, many years ago), I don't really see the equivalence. As an experiment, I snapped the back of the brim up, and took a photo - one can compare it with the candids taken last night at the museum. There's virtually no difference to my eye, but others may differ on this.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

A couple of photos from last night's event - forgive the cell phone quality. The event had at least four professional photographers at it - the woman in the background in the outdoor picture (the sliver of an arm cradling a large camera) has been at this event the last four years, and seems to be the official photographer for the museum. She took a few photos of my partner and myself, outside - we'll see if they end up ever being published.
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