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the suit is very nice, though i think it could use wider lapels, the shoulders seem a tad big, and the sleeves a tad long. the rest, im not sold on.
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I gotta say, the cut of those trousers makes all the difference-- whatever you did to those/ whatever they measure, legs look longer/ leaner / sharper.
Originally Posted by DonCologne View Post

After yesterdays reposts to my outfit, I think I understand a little bit better the difference between a suit jacket and an odd jacket. So here is my try for today:

See details (Click to show)

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When I was fat my thighs would rub together and in the summer I would get a nasty rash. Is that WTMI, too?

No it's simply a PSA.
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Originally Posted by Butler View Post

X post from Challenge - 2X2 stripes and dots
Steven Hitchcock pin stripe, Sean O'Flynn butcher stripe, dotted unknown pS and tie:bigstar:

Wow - amazing fit.
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One thing I notice in most of your front-facing pics is that you are standing rather unnaturally. I have the same problem; most of us do not innately appear relaxed when taking pictures to post on the internet. Holding your shoulders back and arms out causes the front balance of your jacket to go off (specifically, up and in).

Relax a little, let your shoulders and arms fall forward, and breathe out. You'll feel better, and your pics will reflect that.

Your ensemble elements are all appropriately casual, although the shiny weave of the shirt seems out of place. Try an oxford next time and see how it looks.
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Sunday morning plaid.
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hello! it's my first post here and i would just like to know what you think of this outfit. anything wrong there? (apart from that the trousers need ironing)


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Overall everything goes well together, but the jacket looks
like an orphaned suit coat.
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thanks! it probably is, i thrifted it. is it a no-go because of it?

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Some lighter shirt (don't go black on shirt ever if you are not going to a funeral or something like that) Another pocket square, to much red going on here. Are the pants black or dark blue, either way I would go with lighter pants aswell (if you are wearing that blazer)


Can't see so good on this pic but the blazer don't seem to have any buttons on the arm? Shoes look big on you but maybe that's just the picture fooling me. The blue flower pin was a nice touch.


Hope that helped a bit, good luck! 


And yes I forgot, welcome to Styleforum smile.gif

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first post here. Be gentle smile.gif
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Fun shirt, no socks, short pants, and loafers.  Hung out at the Met today.  


Details. (Click to show)






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This is from my recent vacation.  I'm finished my Polo four sided tie.  Here's my Hermes four sided tie in action.  



Details. (Click to show)




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If you're going to have a four-sided tie, this looks like a better way to go.
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ACS, I'm curious as to how you take your photos. They are all standardised with respect to camera angle, focal length, aspect ratio and so on. My guess is you are either toting a tripod or you have an assistant.


Also, why are you taking a photo of yourself every day? Are you conducting research for a doctoral thesis?

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