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Honestly, I just don't dig broader stripes on shirts that much.  It's not "bad" at all; I'm overstating a bit.  I just think the size of a PoW check makes it conflict a bit with stripes of most kinds.  Could just be me.  Love the colour combo though: light blue, grey, navy, cream...hard to top.

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first post here. Be gentle smile.gif
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Originally Posted by aravenel View Post

So, this needs quite a bit of work. The SC is fine, but what you have paired it with is quite a mess:
  • Please cinch that tie knot down. Or tie a smaller knot. Right now it dwarfs everything else. That tie also looks very, very wide, though I can't tell if that's just the back blade peeking out.
  • That PS does not go anywhere near that tie.
  • Tie is way too formal for the SC.
  • Crazy mix of formal and informal makes the whole thing terribly incoherent. Rustic SC, Jeans. Those are fine. Then you pair it with a white shirt, formal-ish tie, and PS. The whole thing just looks like a mess.

Thanks for the critique. I agree the knot should be smaller. The tie is 3,75", so on the wide side, but I'm not that small. The shirt is actually light pink but that doesn't come off good in the photo's.

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Originally Posted by DonCologne View Post

Thank for your advice.


The problem are probably the fotos I made. The colour is not grey it´s a light blue. Jacket has no solid pattern, it´s what we call in german "Pfauenauge" which means "peacock butterfly". I don´t know if that the right name in english. Here is a foto from the pattern and colour:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



So thats why I think it´s a odd jacket and I react a little bit astonished when you call it "orphaned suit jacket".


Honestly, it still looks a bit suit-ish to me. Kinda reminds me of birdseye, which is a suiting weave/pattern. I think being light blue moves it a bit away from orphaned suit coat territory, but maybe you would need casual details like patch pockets for the full effect.

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Butler, your suits are always a pleasure to see.

Monkeyface, the striped shirt with the odd jacket is fine.

Rahul, if you're going for a bold look, then I'll say you've succeeded.
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Brunch and shopping with the wife. 



Details. (Click to show)







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This is from my recent vacation.  07.03.13  The last appearance of the four sided tie.  



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Originally Posted by Ebonyman View Post

That "check on check" combo in your latest fit is killer!
Originally Posted by EliodA View Post

Wonderful colour coordination! wink.gif
Originally Posted by The_Foxx View Post

I'm late getting to this one, but wanted to say-- clearly another round of excellent achieved on this one. looks great-- jacket superb, just enough slim on the trousers/ length, hits all the marks. extremely sharp, man. your jacket reminds me I can't wait to wear recently purchased sartorio jacket in about 20 days.

thanks for the compliments guys, much appreciated!
Originally Posted by Flyswatter View Post

I realize this isn't a fit critique thread, but since there was a comment that this jacket was perhaps short, and Stitchy requested more pics, I figured I'd throw a couple more out there from a slightly different angle. Still crappy quality though, sorry! Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

(Pants not yet hemmed, just rolled-up for the pics.)


And Stitches, to answer your question, I sent a jacket and pants to Tiberias for them to take measurements. Also, the tie I'm wearing here is the dark chocolate fina from Hober, same as the one you like to whore out in the Hober thread. cheers.gif

looks like they did a great job. especially in the pic from the side, the silhouette looks great. and of course, the tie is superb.

MF - very nice combos, broseph.
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Originally Posted by An Acute Style View Post

Brunch and shopping with the wife. 



Details. (Click to show)






Though i think the jacket itself is really ugly, somehow it works for you there - respect for that. I think it's even much better than the second outfit, due to the beige SC and yellow tie being too close in terms of the tone. 

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The champ is here. Ignoring the pattern challenge clarification; a rare miss on the patterns...thinking solid white shirt shirt with the featured tie and a white linen PS square. Fit is unreal per uze. 

I agree completely!bigstar[1].gif (and thanks!)
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Of course solid shirt would have been optimal, but it's still a 4-pattern bingo IMO. The thick stripes on the shirt are a pretty good choice because narrower stripes would have made you look like an optical illusion lol8[1].gif

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Originally Posted by rahul View Post

first post here. Be gentle smile.gif

Well, I'm not usually one to critique in here, I mostly only post but my joking critique would go something along the lines of if the Pitti Uomo organisers want to start making porn films in the back rooms for some extra cash, then you'd be perfect for the lead male role.

My serious critique, would be the whole outfit needs some serious toning down, and those monks need to be buckled, and those sleeves need to be buttoned and so on and so forth.
Originally Posted by DonCologne View Post

What do you mean in the detail?

I see:

Sports coat: maybe 1-2 cm shorter armlength and maybe the arms a little bit tighter
Trouser: Is wide, but its a seersucker summer trouser. So I do want a trouser where the air can circulate.

I was speaking specifically about the trousers, the top half looks good to me. They are shapeless, need pressing and the cuffs look sloppy. Most guys on SF need smaller cuffs, you my friend need bigger ones. They can still have a little fullness without being baggy. Rdiaz' trousers are very good in this regard.
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Originally Posted by rahul View Post

first post here. Be gentle smile.gif
Looks good as a weekend clubbing attire. Change to a lighter shade of pants and shirts and you'll blend in with Pitti crowd.
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It's no problem not to be the greatest combiner in history when starting with menswear. But it is a problem, if you try to ;) 
You should keep something simple in mind: First learn the rules, then break them. 
So if you start, you should begin with the first point.
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After yesterdays reposts to my outfit, I think I understand a little bit better the difference between a suit jacket and an odd jacket. So here is my try for today:

See details (Click to show)

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