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Getting my summer stuff back from the tailor at last. The MTMJTATIB (MTM Jacket That Almost Turned Into Bespoke™) should be ready soon too...



(yeah, I was feeling matchy today. New Rubinacci knit tie via Shaya @ Exquisite Trimmings and I don't care how much SF may hate it -  I love it smile.gif)




Nice SC. When I saw this pic in the Mini Gallery that shows at the right of the page I thought it was a fit of Mr. Diaz.

I wish, I wish tongue.gif

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an old photo

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HKflaneur - while i think butler is technically correct about the belt showing, over all i think it looks quite nice. try without the vest, and buttoning the jacket, that would be helpful to see.

Originally Posted by Braddock View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

nice colors. love the tie. i look forward to mine arriving soon. smile.gif
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Henry Carter & ocbd (1st fit) putting in some great looks. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

HKflaneur: on my screen that looks like a bright electric blue suit. I hope you have the commensurately edgy personality/lifestyle to pull it off!



With somewhat curved/bellied outer lapel edges, they need to fit right across the chest, especially with a DB style. This looks too narrow across the chest, causing the inner edge of the lapel to bow, which in concert with the deliberately curved outer edge, creates the optical illusion of the cloth being stretched across the chest. It's less pronounced in the 3/4 length shot than the close-up, but still present to some degree IMO. Shame, because otherwise, it looks very nice on you. Still looks good, but that detail would bug me. Mind you, it sometimes happens to me simply through carrying too much crap in my pockets, so...


Originally Posted by Tirailleur1 View Post

Nice to see you back in the thread; been on holiday?






Mark the date in your diaries; one of the rare occasions you'll see me wearing non-black shoes with a navy suit:



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very sedate, HF. i quite like it.
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Is that Napoli from SS HF? Looks good

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Originally Posted by Orgetorix View Post

Not sure there's anything about this fit that Manton would like.

Love the navy SC with the crisp white shirt and Merican bow. Nice.

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Getting slightly less UCBD as each day passes. The less sleep I get, the less fucks I give about being conservative.

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Originally Posted by chocsosa View Post

Is that Napoli from SS HF? Looks good

Love how this would never get abreviated this way on German Stilmagazin but here it's no problem. laugh.gif
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Great tie monkeyface

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Messing about with shirt and tie combos for the Samuelsohn summer suit.


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Originally Posted by Syeknom View Post

Great tie monkeyface

Cheers fistbump.gif

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Yeah I also like your outfit Monkey boi!!

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Thanks for all the thumbs and comments yesterday everyone. Something a bit new today...

Coat: Riviera
Shirt: Kamakura
Tie: Henry Carter dark blue knit
Trousers: Henry Carter super dooper single pleated, side adjusted, higher rised, made in Italy mid grey flannel pre-production samples.
Shoes: Carmina burgundy derbies
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to the roof deck


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