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Originally Posted by Bortelli View Post

Looks like you're going fuck some shit up.

no need to use profanity!
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no better place to find a new one than barneys ground floor, especially now that I hear all the construction is finally finished smile.gif bet there is a killer cotton or linen square that would be excellent; I really like the smaller size barneys squares, perfect fit in the pocket without being bulky
Originally Posted by RedDevil10 View Post

today's not cooperating...i also need to find a PS that works with this, as the green does not (suggestions welcome)...

liverano : borrelli : petronius : rlpl
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The Four Pattern Awesomeness Medal (sponsored by TTO), is a no contest in favour of Sugarbutch.

Timo - that's pretty
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This is a nice combination of colors and subtle patterns.


Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Same old.

Brunello Cucinelli SC
Finamore shirt
Drakes tie
Robert Talbott PS
Hierbas de Ibiza
J. Crew
Gaziano & Girling Gable
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timo, that is indeed great. Today it is sunny but cold (for summer in Europe). Just the way I like it.


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@timo: Nice and simple - proof that you don't need much to look great.
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That is one pimpin tie Henry. Not sure I have ever seen a knit tie before..

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Moar (Click to show)










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The weather threatens rain most of the day, hence a suit next in line to visit the dry cleaner, and an older pair of shoes. The tie is new, however.

Suit - BB
Shirt - Tyrwhitt
Tie - Charvet
Cufflinks - Benson & Clegg, London
Shoes - New & Lingwood, London

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@bernoulli: Really lovely outfit Mister it's just missing a simple PS though.

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Back from dinner



Enjoy my bathroom while it lasts, guys. I'll be moving to the suburbs of Seoul and jumping from one to three bedrooms. I believe the new place will also have natural light (while my current place has massive windows, it just looks onto more buildings). I've lived here for two years and I've never figured out what that hose is for. I don't even know if those faucets are connected to anything.

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Whoah!  When did you pick up that beauty, toilet-dweller?  That looks great.

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Arrived this morning. Had the pants shortened and got it back an hour later. I was briefly tempted to get 2" cuffs, but I figured that suit was #menswear enough and decided to go cuff-less.

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Impressive service; impressive suit.

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