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Sockless Civil Rights Etc... (Click to show)


Originally Posted by An Acute Style View Post

I understand that most people here have a fairly developed sense of style.  Along with that comes a fairly long list of pet peeves.  I for one dislike pointy toed shoes.  Despite that, I do occasionally see people who make them look good.  They are few and far between, but they do exist.  I may be wrong, but I get the impression that some of you feel that no one could ever pull off your pet peeves.  If I'm wrong, we may want to consideration those exceptions and what in particular makes them acceptable.  I have no intention of ever buying a pair of pointy toed shoes, but I'd like to be able to articulate why I don't like them and how I feel one could wear them well.  Again, I'd love to see a sockless challenge, a baseball hat challenge, a tie and no jacket challenge, etc.  I would love to see how everyone performs in the face of their pet peeves.  bounce2.gif


Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

i have pet peeves, but i know they are pet peeves, and i dont take points off of someone elses fit because i have a personal peeve with something. things can look great, even if its not something i would ever wear. i think that point is missed on a lot of people, who think, "if i dont like a particular type of thing = looks bad."


Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

It's sad, but the world is filled with small-minded people.


Originally Posted by suitedcboy View Post

+1 In Stitches.

I am very tired of the thought process all too common these days that leads someone to think that since they like vanilla and you like chocolate that your favor to chocolate disrespects and threatens their favor of vanilla.

It is widely accepted to think this way about sports teams but even there it should have limits.




There are absolutely no limits with sports teams.  At least not while you're at the match.  Screaming and cursing at the men in the wrong coloured shirts along with a few tens of thousands of other people, is an exhilarating and civilised release.  It's an outlet for the base, barbaric, tribal instincts that we hide under our Egyptian cotton undershirts (or should do).  Let it out on a Saturday afternoon for the contrived and nebulous purpose of organised games, and no war is necessary.  Then once out of the gates, we can treat everyone with respect - even if they support Chelsea.


As for suited socklessness, rolled up jacket sleeves, baseball caps and cargo pants with a tie, well, what is an internet forum for, if not to release one's most strident prejudices unedited without the risk of offending actual people?


P.S. I accidentally "thumbed" T for his overall look before realising he was wearing denim. lol8[1].gif





Originally Posted by Citan1145 View Post

I really miss posting in this thread, but I have no reason to wear jackets and such until the fall when I start up my internship. Just wanted to say I really like the looks people are posting lately and my recent purchases (which will debut soon) have been honed and distilled from the advice and comments I have received in the past here. No more tight pants, no more jackets that are too tight in the middle etc. Looking forward to being an active member again.

In other news, writing a dissertation is really hard. Even more so when teaching a section of statistics.


Wearing a jacket will increase your confidence and poise while you write.  Good luck! :)

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^ right... until someone at a Dodgers game nearly kills you for rocking a Giants jersey. plain.gif
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Originally Posted by EliodA View Post



now that's a style that I could never pull off!


Don't even say that Mister.

For Reference you are looking pretty damn dapper today again as you look every time I see a post/pic of yours.


Originally Posted by EliodA View Post





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Originally Posted by SoGent View Post


   i'm sorry . . . . you did WHAT with math ?

Oops.   I made a typo.  Let's see if we can all figure it out what I meant using context clues.  smile.gif

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Monsoon season by this afternoon, so today's attire is not the most inspired, so sorry.

Suit & tie - BB
Shirt - BB MTM
Cufflinks - New & Lingwood
PS - Alain Figaret
Shoes - Mezlan (the "rain shoes")

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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I like your shoes, Crusty - wet weather specials or not.


It's absolutely steaming here; hot and humid.  So I...er...dropped the waistcoat. 


Crappy mirror shot plus smaller details (Click to show)






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crusty, brave of you to get so dressed up in this weather. im doing chinos and dirty bucks. more power to ya!
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Originally Posted by Citan1145 View Post

Quick question:

Navy suit, white shirt...wedding next weekend

Silver textured solid tie? purple textured solid tie? I don't want to wear a glen plaid tie as I am not in the wedding party and I think the groom is wearing one.


I vote purple.
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Originally Posted by CousinDonuts View Post

I vote purple.

i meant to reply to that, oops. +1 for purple.
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CBD cheers.

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Purple sucks. Silver wedding tie.
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I like purple with texture, as suggested.  


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It reminds me of Senior proms.
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That and socks...

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Do grayscale pictures of pB's outfits look any different from full color versions?

Also, +1 for silver
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