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x-post from friday challenge:

Also, Museum Calf
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Originally Posted by timotune View Post

x-post from friday challenge:


Timotune, you've always had a strong sense of how you wanted to look, however the subtle but significant improvements you've made following advice and critique here should be a lesson to everyone. This is a lovely fit: coherent and well-balanced in terms of proportion, colours, and materials and sharp without tipping over into the just-too-tight #menswear look. The trousers are excellent and show how a slightly fuller cut does not mean less sharp at all. Bravo!

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^ great trousers
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I also noted trousers first. Great to see Timo looking as Timo as always yet having honed his look close to perfection.
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Great trousers, great shoes, great colours - nice one timo

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I wore my linen yesterday as the weather was much better than the forecast for today, which was awful, only to get rained on! It hailed about an hour after this!! censored.gif
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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

The combo works better at a distance than up close.

And, everyone else, please don't start posting GIFs of your fits. Page loading will be glacial.

Checks on checks uhoh.gif
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Timo I also think you have improved so much over time. You are consistently beautifully dressed these days now that your clothes fit you better. What I am saying is that IMO they were too tight before.

The only thing i would question on this current outfit is the tie bar, from what i can see it looks to be a large pink plastic paperclip... Hmmmm.. specially as the rest is so good... tell me I am wrong to think it is a paperclip.

Your shoes are awesome. If I had such beautiful shoes I would probably only wear them on the carpet at home so the soles do not get damaged !!  fing02[1].gif

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Sra. Daddy is working diligently to improve her photography skills.
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Fuggit, your get-up rocks! Where'd you get those socks?

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timo and TTO, superb fits. one question, did you guys coordinate your socks in advance?
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 Timotune has stepped up his game immensely!


 He and TTO look like they're wearing the same socks. happy.gif

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@Moo: The jacket is awesome! What phone is that one?


@Timo and TTO: Fantastic looks, gentleman. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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Phone is the Samsung Galaxy S4.
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Originally Posted by GMMcL View Post


Hold on a sec while I calculate the number of fucks given .... multiply by 24 .... carry the one ... divide by the square root of pi ... take the derivative ....


I thought so.


photo IMG_2512_zps6371741b.jpg

(Actually, not true. I do give one regarding the blurriness of the full photo. My STUPID camera refocused itself as I was hitting the timer button and I didn't realize it until I got to the office and it was too late! Never fear; I plan to buy a remote control in the near future....)

Edit: Oops. Sorry about that misfire on the pics. Fixed.

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