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nice fit, neo. in that pose you look like you are dodging bullets like neo in the matrix. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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More casual stuff; not in a formal mood so far this week.



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Neofinitia rocking that half-tucked pocket steeze... Sprezzy as fuck.
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pocket square a bit out of control...Shirt is new, and this is my only cutaway collar. Don't think I´ll go this route again, but I like the pattern
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i like the collar. and the tie as well. and the jacket. very nice.
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SB, thank you for bringing us back to sanity.  That jacket is simply delicious.

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Sitichy, look away.

It might be useful to compare these two fits because they have similar elements but fairly different results.

Disclaimer: This is my considered opinion. That may not be worth anything to you and if it's not, you're probably smart. No one's feelings should be hurt.[/i]

closeup (Click to show)


I think Timo has made better choices across the board (with the exception of the DB-ness of the blazer)

So, first things first, should be a SB. I don't like DB odd jackets and like them less with knakis.

Shoes - suede bluchers are pretty much bang on in terms of formality for a khakis with jacket look. Shiny shoes always look off with cotton unless they're loafers.

Consistency - everything (again, ignoring the DB-ness of the blazer) is about the same level of dressy casual. The blazer is lighter so not so severe. The pants are pressed. I'm assuming the shirt is solid and it's not a BD.

Timo isn't just consistent in terms of formality, but also in terms of seasons. Everything looks springy - the colors and materials all look like they're made for warmer weather.

Stitchy, on the other hand, has very shiny shoes with very rumpled pants. And a autumny-looking SC (due to the fuzziness) with cotton trousers. It's a mix of sesaons.

But IS also has a suburban biz-caz (comfortably cut khakis + a very Brooks Brothers looking shirt) with a luxe-looking SC.

I have not made this comparison to pick on Stitchy or to hurt anyone's feelings. I think these two photos illustrate some worthwhile points. If you disagree, feel free to send hatemail.
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big C,

lol, no feelings hurt.

here though, is my take.

the SC is decidedly not autumn-y imo, maybe you have to see it in person. it is a very light (both in color and weight) 100% cotton fabric, with 3 patch pockets and pick stitching all around. i think the formality and seasonalness (nice word, amirite) of both is quite equal. they both, imo, lend to a bit of a washed out/worn look, which i like in this context.

the shirt is a tad more dressy, and not what i would have picked optimally, a mid size slubby cotton gingham might be cool, or a solid BB OCBD, ill give both of those a try at some point.

the shoes, yes, they are decidedly more dressy than the rest of the fit. even though i view a monk strap to veer on the casual side of dressy, its still more dressy than everything else. that was an intentional choice, its kind of #menswear inspired, but i wanted to do it, and i think its ok. be prepared to see these pants in the future with these shoes, shiny carmina calf light tan/chestnut DMs and suede GG st james IIs. its not a look everyone will like, certainly not one who is strictly a "good taste" follower, but i dont think its egregious, and i do like it.

i think timo looks great, no doubt, but i think he and i were not really aiming at the same target with out fits.

bt dubs, here is me looking away. wink.gif

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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

i like the collar. and the tie as well. and the jacket. very nice.

I see what you did there....... mwink[1].gif
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Originally Posted by Albert Hal View Post

No, not the underwear, socks and boutonnier.

Lol...I had actually pretty much assumed that your underwear would not be thrifted....a rather creepy notion at best!
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Originally Posted by Pingson View Post

I see what you did there....... mwink[1].gif

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bb shirt
faconnable tie
g star belt
H&M jacket and pants
allen edmonds

I do understand the jacket is snug, but do the colors work?

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That shirt and tie do not go together--the stripes are too close in scale.
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