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So my cousin Sent me a bunch a pics he took while we were in Nigeria.










More Pics (Click to show)












standing on a rock waiting for some dudes to show us a lion that was illegally smuggled into the country for some crime lord. By the time we got there it was gone. We then found out that it was a lion cub. So anti-climactic.



at a restaurant after leaving a wedding.


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three days

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great looking fit, henry.

awesome pics, T
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Last Sunday (apologies for the crappy smartphone pic):

Suit: Shanghai C&G Fashion MTM.
Shirt: Tailorstore MTM.
Shoes (mostly unsighted): Shanghai Tianzi MTM.
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How about an apology for that crappy bedcover? uhoh.gif

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Originally Posted by MRMstl View Post

How about an apology for that crappy bedcover? uhoh.gif

+1 that was a sorely needed laugh. Thank you sir.
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Not mine, that's a friends house.
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mwink[1].gif you sly dog, you.
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LOL not that sort of friend. I'm a married man. The wife and I visited a friend over the weekend and stayed Saturday night after which we went to afternoon tea at the RACA club on the Sunday afternoon. The above pic is the guest bedroom.
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Archer : Nice outfit overall.

Jacket lapels look to be bowing a bit (maybe it is how you are standing to take the pic). Shoulders look ok, jacket length looks ok. jacket sleeve length a little short maybe.

Shirt sleeves should be a little longer.

Tie knot needs a lot of work. I cannot tell what knot it is, however tighten the knot itself a whole lot so it holds a good dimple at least, and then tighten the necktie around your neck a whole lot so the tie knot fits in your collar properly.

Tie bar is low, should be about or just below the top of your shirt pocket height near the third button on the shirt.

PS looks good.

Trousers look to be too tight / small around your legs - so much so that they are wrinkling around your upper legs.

Hope this crit helps fing02[1].gif

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Only a quick shot today.


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Graph check looks very nice here

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The sun is rumored to be returning to NYC today, and I'm meeting friends for drinks this evening, so I decided to make use of the dreaded black suit for such an occasion, accessorized with one of my louder Charvets (the friends in question will find that quite alright).

Suit - BB GF Regent
Shirt - Tyrwhitt
Tie - Charvet
Cufflinks - New & Lingwood
Shoes - C & J

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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some great stuff this last page...Kap...i LOVE those 3 fits...especially the second one. Henry..always 100%...one of my favorite posters in this thread...along with T...loved the pics...the wedding pic was killer as well. great soot. Crusty...as usual...spot on.
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