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Originally Posted by Holdfast View Post


chocsosa - I'm not a fan of the tie (solid, darker grey or a different pattern silver would be my preference) but the rest of the look is nice. What I really wanted to say, though, is that while I'm not a high-end watch person, the Air King is one of the few Rolex that I've seen that I would like myself. There's something about them that I like. I'd probably wear it a bit more casually - contexts where I'm not full-on casual but not in a suit either - but regardless, it looks good.






Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

chocsosa - you are a beast! looking good too.

Thanks guys..Holdfast- Yea the tie I should gone with a darker shade of gray retrospectively..the watch is one of two rolex's that I own. I really don't wear either one because I'm just not a fan of metal  bands. I wore this for a wedding just because its been 3 years since I wore it last and I just got it serviced. So, I thought I'd break it out. I guess it's more of a casual watch. I just like that its smaller than some of my dressy watches at 37mm. So it slips easily underneath the shirt cuff. Love the sports coat by the way. Is that made to measure? If so from where? I really like the shoulders..

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Originally Posted by Tirailleur1 View Post

It amazes me that you can find off the rack clothes that fit you. icon_gu_b_slayer%5B1%5D.gif

I steer away from the really small Italian designer brands like D&G, Dior Homme and such.. Plus I have a tailor that used to be a master tailor for a fashion house in L.A back in the 80's so he knows how to work wonders. Ill be in NY at the end of the year T! We should link up

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So, I finally took the plunge and went custom. I'm not revealing the maker to get honest feedback. This was all done via email, no in person fittings. Please give me your thoughts, good and bad. Both myself and the maker want to hear. :

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Mystery MTM
Noname PS
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jacket looks amazing. fit looks spot on.
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Looks like it fits you very well. It could use more shape in the front (only the head on pics make me think this so maybe it's the angle or how you're standing) but as far as fit goes, it's surprisingly good for all email communication
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Amazing fit, for dialing it in by email. Heck, pretty great fit regardless! Like the design and fabric. Nice choice with the patch pockets.
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I really agree with all of your commets. What can I say? Lack of dress code is allowing me to wear that kind of crazy stuff sometimes shog[1].gif
Originally Posted by RogerP View Post

it's creating a pear-shaped look that isn't a consequence of his actual physique. 

That's because my hands in a pockets smile.gif
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Looks good to me, Spoo. Maybe see if Mr. Despos & Co. have any suggestions over in the Ask A Tailor thread...
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It's transition weather right now. ugh



Hat Wearing Action (Click to show)






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Looks very nice to me, Espú. Just in the back part, near the bottom of the collar... is that tiny bump? I don't know how to call it, in here tailors call it "Arruga Madre" that would be like "Mother Wrinkle". laugh.gif

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Just in from Italy

Henry Carter Navy cashmere knit tie (also coming in brown, maroon, forest green & grey). This will debuted at our trunk show in Melbourne this Thursday and should be online by the end of the weekend.

Not seen are grey flannel trousers and burgundy Carmina derbies.
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Originally Posted by chocsosa View Post

From a wedding this weekend.

Suit: Suit Supply (Napoli Fit)

Shirt: Canali ( Can't see from the pictures but the color of the shirt is pink)

Tie: Burberry London

Watch: Rolex Air King

Shoes: C&J

How tall are you?
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Originally Posted by mjd View Post

How tall are you?

I say 6"8.. but Im really almost 6"9..

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You look superb in those photos, choc. Very well done. Lovely Rolex, too. Wear it more often I say nod[1].gif
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Originally Posted by chocsosa View Post

I say 6"8.. but Im really almost 6"9..

Yeah choc I like how you mitigate your size by closely tailored suits when for so many people like you they would try to hide their size in looser fits and actually achieve the reverse!
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