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Originally Posted by Orgetorix View Post

RLPL suit (jacket's a bit snug)
BBGF shirt
Talbott tie

Regardless of the jacket snugness, your fits are always amazing!
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Originally Posted by Orgetorix View Post

It was for church. Now that I can't wear suits to work during the week since my office went casual, Sundays are about my only excuse to wear them.

i cry for you, bro. but its nice when religion can be satisfying on many levels. amirite. smile.gif
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First time posting ... let the ragging begin nod[1].gif
Sorry for the poor lighting. At the office r-room =X

SC: PRL Made in England - Black/White Herringbone Tweed
Shirt: Forgot maker - Brown/white Gingham
PS: Bloomingdale's brand - Navy blue/red paisley wool
Jeans: COH jeans
Socks: Pantherella - red
Belt: Barneys brown suede
Shoes: Santoni FAM Suede Chukkas
Bracelets: 2 HomerJ bracelets (forgot color/name)

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Originally Posted by mktitsworth View Post

Interesting. Time for some science! I just did a Color grab on it using gimp and came up with this with (171, 153, 129), which translates into a hex code of #ab9981. According to here this has an HSV of (34.3, 24.6, 67.1). In short:

To me this looks as much brown as grey, but that's not very conclusive, and I have at my disposal some of the most powerful image processing and mathematics software in the world. So why not use it? This isn't terribly far from either the pale taupe or crayola taupe listed here. The nearest grey is #ababab. To compare them I just computed the cartesian dot product of the color sample from your jacket with each of the three colors I've mentioned. All are pretty close (within .993) of each other as color vectors, however I suspect that this is to their similar value height - all are about 70 or so. #ababab has coordinates (0,0,67.1) in HSV. So, if we project that out we are down to the H and S coordinates (which are polar). For both the Pale Taupe and the Crayola Taupe, the agreement is still excellent - .986 and .989 repsectively where as for the grey it's 0. As such, I would still say that this is more of a taupish color. I did a few more grabs, but all still seem to be in that same color range, though some lighter and darker. I can do the analysis again, but I don't expect the outcome will be terribly different.

Edit: To be preemptive, I'm not trying to be a dick to you about this and if this methodology comes off as such, you have my apologies. These are the sorts of things that interest me, and that you refer to it as grey is equally interesting. If this is actually grey, then the point is moot, but this (the color above) is certainly the color to which I am referring. My wife is an artist and I'm a mathematician, so I think of greys as specifically being those colors which lie along the line between the origin and (1,1,1) in the RGB square (with practical variations acceptable. In looking at this, I found the HSV scale, which I really like because it looks like greys are colors with coordinates (0,0,z). Back to the point though, my technicality is not meant to be obtrusive, it is merely a requirement of my argument.

Technically speaking (Colors Theory) you have found a "Desaturated tint of brown".
HSB -> H:34 S:25 B:67
HSL -> H:23 S:48 L:141
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That lapel seems too thick to work as a true three button. And as I've learned, pinstripes don't work well with an odd jacket...just looks like an orphaned suit jacket.

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Its a three buttoned velvet blazer from Armani.It can actually be worn as only a two buttoned as the lapels are very soft(Typical Armani i suppose). I had it fully buttoned up when I came in as its
pretty cold outside this morning.You are right about the lapels being quite thick. I´ll try post a better pic of the jacket for you
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First post, long time reader. Thank you all for the great posts, keep them comin!


Was torn between these 2 choices:



And eventually went with the 2nd option: (apologize for the blurry/low quality)



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My brown, plaid, Harris Tweed flat cap paired with a wool scarf, herringbone coat and brown, leather gloves.



And when it's cold I do this! 






Photos by Łukowicz & Furmańczak



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My "fuck you red" tie, worn in part for Monday and in part because I haven't been wearing Thomas Pink much since joining SF.


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^^^ That tie leaves an imprint on my eyes when I look away.

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Originally Posted by Caustic Man View Post

^^^ That tie leaves an imprint on my eyes when I look away.

hence the color's name bounce2.gif.  


There is also a "fuck you yellow" that you'll see on certain sports cars.

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Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

hence its name bounce2.gif




Well played.

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Fifty shades of grey - minus 48. A double-header today - yesterday's and today's attire.

Suit & braces - New & Lingwood
Overcoat, shirt, PS, & tie - BB
Shoes - Bergdorf Goodman house brand
Scarf - Johnston's of Elgin
Hat - Selentino

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Suit, tie, PS, & shoes - BB
Shirt - Lewin
Cufflinks - Penhaligon's
Raincoat & scarf - Burberry
Hat - Weatherproof

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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