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I'm not even going to spoiler these pictures because no-one should have to see them. The tie could be okay in the context of an otherwise very conservative suit. But with green pants and a cardigan, it's just ridiculous. The shirt doesn't fit with anything else. The shoes are too formal for the rest of the outfit. Basically, I'm really sorry not to be able to be more positive, but as an outfit, this is messy and incoherent.

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Is this a suit that you had made while you were in China? It looks great.


did not now how i overlooked this post, yes this is a full canvas suit from beijing. will be back there soon and pick up three more jackets and a couple pents.



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Originally Posted by clapeyron View Post

Sorry but you are not only not the only one to entirely ignore my actual query regarding coat length, but stitches even beat you to this very same joke. shaaaaame!


For people like PB the mid-thigh overcoat is anathema but for those who have seen a Skyfall ad it is awesome.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


I've actually seen the movie, too. more memorable to me were javier bardems outfits, though.


still no clue what patrick booth has to do with this...

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"See, I toldja. Sveltitude! Much better pose this way."


through some crafty maneuvering i was able to deceive the eye, and create the illusion of some sveltitude. i hope i can replicate it.

which pose was more svelte would you say?
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New suit!

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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

Originally Posted by Digmenow View Post

Sunglasses? Spoo? I demand an explanation.
he just got them, and wants to use them. smile.gif
personally, i have always liked the, "sunglasses in chest pocket used as an accessory" look.
Agreed. I have done the same thing with my own.

I'm just a bit surprised, given his previously stated position on sunglasses. If he posts beach vacation pics this year wearing Sweet Classics instead of shell heads...

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Before :
1F0BC81B-3844-4DE5-A0B2-E3C4E25164A8-383-00000016C2E8DBEC.jpgWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Isaia Corrallorosso (actually a suit, just not all the balls to carry today)
Hermes heavy silk tie
Hermes hand rolled PS
J Crizzle Bowery pant
Gaziano & Girling Westminster in vintage rioja, DG70
Creed original Santal
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that jacket/suit is redonk.
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Rock the whole thing and scoot on over to the P'cockin' threak!
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Suit: Navy Blue subtle pinstripe Canali


Shirt: Suit Supply


Tie: Valentino


Shoes: Bally


Pocket Square: Banana Republic


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Some detail shots of today's outfit:






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Alright, well, I'm one of the few people that likes shirt and tie without a jacket, so I won't give you flak about that, though others probably will. If you are going with that look, you need to make sure you have a fitted shirt (the shirt seems to be billowing a bit at the belt line). The tie needs to go perfectly with the shirt, as you won't have a jacket to pull attention away from it. In this case, your tie is lighter than your shirt, something which is generally a pretty big faux pas. Your pants also need to be very nice (again, no jacket to distract); in this case, it seems like you are wearing old pleated khakis. And your belt looks like it has seen better days.


Black shirts are fine at night, but will rarely look good with a tie.


Avoid pleats (unless you need the extra room)


Lurk around to get a better feel for tie-shirt combinations


Dimple your tie.


New pants, new belt


Keep the Stitchy beard...we need more beards.

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Maximator, you may have stumbled upon the anti-SF-approved combo.
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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

Maximator, you may have stumbled upon the anti-SF-approved combo.


How so? The color in the picture isn't really that great, but the pants are a light brown, which I think contrasts the darkness of the black shirt pretty nicely. Same thing for the big white and grey stripes on the tie. Being a large guy, I like dark outfits, they make a few extra pounds go away and gives you(at least where I work) an extra ounce(or two) of authority.
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