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Double header today - work, then drinks out with friends this evening


Jacket, trousers, shirt, tie and shoes - BB
PS - vintage

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




This eveningt:

Suit - New & Lingwood
Shirt - BB
Tie - Paul Stuart
PS - no name
Cufflinks - Metropolitan Museum of Art
Braces - Lewin
Shoes - Harris, via Barney's NYC

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very nice, crusty. i really like the browns in the top pic.
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I acknowledge this is basically the same thing I was wearing last time I posted, but I still like to contribute to the thread. I just love you guys so much!

Happy Friday

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Originally Posted by Holdfast 
"would prefer without the swelled edges, but overall, I really like this, esp. the colours/patterns"

Thank you, sir. The swelled edges certainly add a casual tone to the jacket. In all honesty it was purchased to be worn with jeans/chinos. However, as I said in the taste thread, I had a meeting in the country yesterday, so I felt a casual edge was necessary. Turns out I was right as my prospective clients were all in polo shirts and beat up boots.

Originally Posted by Johnboy 
"seriously excellent Sir, IMHO dont change anything."

Thanks for the kind words.

Originally Posted by Louis XIV 
"I would have prefered a slimmer tie knot. Rest looks nice to me, just as I expected it from you"

Thanks for the kind words. I actually agree on the knot. Didn't notice that until after I posted. It was shortly thereafter retied. Thanks again.

Originally Posted by mimo 
"Could do with a livelier PS I think, against that big texture; maybe warm colours? Nice tie."

Dunno that I agree with this. There were already three patterns (including the jacket) present. A patterned PS would really complicate things, especially for a business meeting. I actually ended up removing the square altogether before the meeting. Felt too forced.

Thanks again guys for all the thumbs and comments.
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Originally Posted by mossrockss View Post

I acknowledge this is basically the same thing I was wearing last time I posted, but I still like to contribute to the thread. I just love you guys so much!
Happy Friday Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

We're wearing almost the same thing today. Except I have a semi-spread shirt, dishevel TV fold and suede tassels. Agree to disagree. Seriously though, nice casual Friday look.
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The shoulders on this suit are too small. I need to replace it with one that fits better, eventually.

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Definitely a touch tight. But compared to some other shoulders I've seen (here and elsewhere) they aren't too bad...
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a tad maybe, but the combo is perfection! well done. smile.gif
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Relaxed, but cold, friday

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Originally Posted by black_umbrella View Post

Relaxed, but cold, friday
10_26_12.jpgWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Always, I love this sport coat. You have paired it nicely with the sweater, shirt, trousers, and shoes. Excellent, casual, and comfortable. Personally, I'd try a solid pocket square...or in this case, none at all. Just a thought.
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"the jacket = nice the jeans I would prefer a tab darker"

"Nice SC. Details?"


Citan—I was just thinking this morning I need a nice pair of super dark jeans. These have broken in nicely since I bought them in 2008. I may be looking into Uniqlo's grand online sale for some cheap ones.
Dewj—it's a Brooks Brothers from last year. I couldn't believe that a Madison fit fit me so well and had double vents, no alterations necessary. Dream come true.

Now, who can recommend me an affordable pair of brown or possibly snuff suede longwings?
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Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

My first "Albert Hal" purchase: Chester Barrie half-canvassed jacket from the 1960's. Absolutely perfect condition (minus a small hole in the interior pocket...easily fixed).

The rest: BB tie, BR trou, light pink mtm shirt, AE captoe

 It's pretty cool that he's doing that- finding nice stuff in second hand stores. I may try that myself. I did buy the Zegna DB jacket off of Ebay from a second hand store though. I need to try to get the sleeves lengthened before I can wear it.

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I have a funeral to attend tomorrow. I own one black suit, and it's terrible. So terrible that I opted for the darkest gray suit I own (alright, second darkest, but the other is windowpane). The funeral isn't anybody I've ever met (the father of a friend), and it's a Korean funeral, so it's three days long. On one hand, I'm nervous about not wearing all black. On the other hand, my black suit is atrocious ("Calvin Klein" and I'll leave it at that). And because the funeral is three straight days, people are coming and going constantly, so I figure I won't be a sole gray standing out in a sea of black.




Differences between Korean funerals and Western funerals (Click to show)

This is actually my first Korean funeral, so I asked my fiance about it. It's an interesting process.

The funeral homes are all buildings on hospital grounds. When someone dies, a funeral is held for three days. During this time, the immediate family of the deceased stays at the funeral home...technically the funeral is 24 hours a day, and in theory a member of family needs to be on hand to greet a possible guest (in practice, I imagine they sleep fairly normal hours). Regardless, for their waking hours they have to sit, in full white funeral attire, to receive guests.

On my end, I first walk into a room for gifts. At funerals, weddings, and a child's first birthday, guests are always expected to give money. Since I'm not particularly close, I give 50,000 won (about 42 USD). This is kept inside a white envelope.

I then go and greet the family in the next room. The entire family won't be there; some will be in the proceeding rooms talking to the guests. I then enter a room where the deceased resides (though I don't know if the body is actually present). There is a big picture of him at the center of the room. I take a flower, place it in front of the picture, and then bow. Christian Koreans just bow from the waist; all other Koreans will prostrate themselves and touch their forehead to the ground. I'm doing the former since I a) am not Korean b) have never met the man.

Finally, I go to the last room where I eat food set out for the guests. Apparently things can get pretty rowdy here as alcohol is served (though given that I'm going at 9 in the morning, I doubt this will be the case).

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"crusty, you have an awesome life it seems and of course an awesome wardobe, love the suit especially"

"Your ability to time-travel is impressive"


in stitches

Thank you, gentlemen. Mr. Butch, your sense of drollery is most impressive as well. Citan, my life is ordinary, for the island on which it is lived - it's just that there is always something going on here. FYI, for PatrickBooth - the new shows at the Whitney are worth seeing, particularly the Richard Artswchager - very fun and very tactile. I was at the members' preview Wednesday - a classic Whitney crowd (uptown, Tribeca, Williamsburg, all cheek to jowl), and a minor celebrity sighting - Jane Seymour - looked great for a woman in her early 60's without cosmetic surgery.
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Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

This is actually my first Korean funeral, so I asked my fiance about it. It's an interesting process.

Among the things my mom would (and still does) tell me in the spirit of guilt-tripping: "When I was growing up in Korea, when a parent died, it was customary for a dutiful grieving child to build a hut next to the grave and live there for [some ungodly amount of time]."
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