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Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post

I don't like the square with that tie. Also, horizontal stripes are only good for knit ties, that looks casual enough, I guess.

that is a knit tie... tight weave.
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Originally Posted by Pingson View Post

Tried to take a full-length shot today. Not sure it helps much, though: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Suit: Vintage Austin Reed
Tie: Holliday & Brown
PS: Drake's
Shirt: Belisario MTM
Sweater: Wolsey
Shoes: Barker Lincoln

i like that. hard to see the tie, but the rig looks good.
Originally Posted by Cary Grant View Post

Felt it time to dust off the Official Style Forum Parker Stripe... Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

i like this a lot.
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Generally good, Stitchy, but...

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Stitchy, the shirt, tie, pants and shoes are all great. And the color and texture of the SC is quite nice. But the fit leaves A LOT to be desired. There seem to be a lot of folds and excess fabric all around. You should bring it to a tailor and have him give it the once over. I'm sure minor alterations would improve the fit a ton. The tapered, fitted appearance of the trousers only accentuates a boxier, baggier fit, and ruins any congruity within the fit.

Also I think you could use a bit of break in your left leg, but the perceived difference in length might just be your posture.
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mimo - tie is panta, thanks.

clag - the collar is gigantic, and i love it.

SB - i roll my shirt sleeves. OCD with my watch. i end up fidgeting with my cuffs all day, so i have given in to always rolling. i know it would look better with cuff showing, but i must persevere the minimal amount of sanity i have left.

BB - thanks for the critique. the cuff is hung up on a shoe lace, making it appear to sit higher than it does. no idea why the SC looks like that, there are times i posted it and it looks tight. it is far from boxy. imo, there is literally nothing about that pic that represents what i actually look like. which is why i hate posting full lengths. meh, who knows, probably a little of both. thanks again, i dont mean to sound dismissive. should we ever meet, you will see what i really look like.
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More crappy cell phone pics.....

Suit: Sartorio by Attolini
Shirt: Robert Talbot
Tie: Altea
Shoes: Ralph Lauren
Watch: JLC Reverso Duo Day/Night LE.

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Jacket - Faconnable
Pants - Howard Yount
Shirt - LE
Tie - Can't remember
Square - Can't remember
Shoes - PRL
Socks - Acridsheep
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nice to have you back, mike. looks good. love the watch!!
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post


Jacket far too big. Shirt collar too big too. Nice pants/shoes/colors.
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Originally Posted by acridsheep View Post

Jacket far too big. Shirt collar too big too. Nice pants/shoes/colors.

thanks, sheepy! but, i like the collar, which incidentally looks great when it has some roll going, not flat like in the pic. and again, no idea why the jacket looks like a tent in the pic. ah well. i tried.

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Decided to wear my first SF affiliate purchase. HY pointed knit tie. And I'm including a fit pic with query (details to come in the spoiler).


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


The lapel seems a bit wonky. The jacket was given to me by my dad; it didn't fit him. I say this because I wouldn't have purchased the jacket otherwise because of the lapel. I haven't had it pressed yet, so maybe a pressing will fix it. But is there any way to get the buttonhole side lapel to extend further down? Is it even an issue or is that deliberate?

Also, I don't like showing shirt cuff.




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Another fairly boring combo. I'm getting a bit bored with these.

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"I like the tie a lot, Stitchy. And really need to snag a brown SC. Details?"

thanks, dewi. tie is panta, SC is zegna. cheers.gif
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