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Originally Posted by Richard Pryor View Post

With respect: if u wore this suit to where I'm from, people would laugh at you and would think you're a clown.
If you wore this suit to court, the jury would be completely biased and u would lose the case before opening arguments.
I don't give a fuck how much it's worth. U need to tell us what u do for a living.
Also, u have big balls for showing ur face wearing that suit on the Internet. Props!

Thank you! I really appreciate this post, just as I appreciate all the other comments/thumbs on my latest pic.

It's probably fortunate we don't have a legal system involving jurys in Sweden wink.gif

If I cared about what average Joe thought acceptable, I would always be wearing jeans and hoodies/chinos and shirt with the rest of them. I'll admit this suit is kind of an experiment and that it's not a work suit, but for most other activities it works just fine imho.

About it being a DB, I wear it buttoned of course but left it open to show the whole suit in this pic.
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Originally Posted by Kappelan View Post

It was a long busy day.
I know the tie a little bit longer smile.gif
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This is probably one of the best examples of a grey sport coat w/ jeans I have ever seen here. I think it's the herringbone texture with the jeans that really sets it off. The tie also ties in well (see what I did there?).
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I'm out to dinner with former colleagues this evening, and wanted to wear something colorful, hence today's pattern mash-up (between shirt and tie).

Suit & tie - BB
Shirt - Tyrwhitt
Cufflinks - M P Levene, London
Shoes - Bergdorf Goodman house brand
Hat - Scala (it's getting cold in the mornings outside, here in NYC).

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Similar to Monday though all different pieces. I'm still not too happy with it, but it was cold and I didn't feel like wearing a proper jacket, so I wore a sweater. A bit busy, no? The blackwatch is dark, so I think I treated it as if it were solid navy when I was throwing things on this morning.

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deets on shoes please!
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An oldie but goodie — Chester Barrie.
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Outfits from yesterday and today. Taking advantage of the weather to go jacket-less (I know, very un-kosher, but it's a look I'll cherish as long as I'm fit enough to wear it)'ll probably be the last time it's warm enough to do so for about 6 months. I've noticed that contrast collars aren't popular here, but I'm a fan. The sleeves on both were rolled up, hiding the white cuffs.

Shirts are both mtm. Ties are both Thomas Pink. Trousers are both PoW Banana Republic. The black shoes are AE, the brown J&M. Complemented both with black museum Movado and a brown museum Movado (face and band) respectively.

And the inversion of colors was intentional and done with this thread in mind.

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I hate pretty much ever image there Clag. Sorry, man. The AE's are kind of cool though.
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Originally Posted by MalfordOfLondon View Post

DSCF2556.JPGWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

ive noticed that it looks like in your recent fits you wear a very dressy SC, shirt and tie, and what looks like cotton/khaki pants, that seem a tad wrinkled. the colors are almost always bang on, but the casual look of the khakis seem a tad off with the very dressy look of the top to me. like they would do better with a less structured SC and maybe no tie.

do you not wear wool trou, or am justing being a nitpicking jerk?
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Originally Posted by Orgetorix View Post

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Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger View Post

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Originally Posted by MalfordOfLondon View Post

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3 somewhat similar green-ish & tartan-esque ties, but I feel only Malford really deployed it well. Perhaps that's because it's mostly covered up, but still, I think it meshes best with the colours he's chosen compared to either O's or NYR's combos. They're not bad, of course, but out of the 3 usages, I think Malford's looks best. Your collective tie synchronicity, however, is most impressive... :)

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"Pshhh...well now I'm gonna start leaving toilet paper in your home bathroom door."

Nooooooooo! ffffuuuu.gif
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Originally Posted by UncleCozy View Post

At least put some effort into it, ey?

Thanks but I don't buy from Ebay. But I found his e-mail address under, is it safe to buy from Ebay via e-mail? Maybe pay him via paypal.

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