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These 3 pics deserve full inline requotes, for sheer awesomeness:


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Great stuff fellows, thanks for posting!

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Victor is most of your clothing bespoke (beside shoes and accessories?)

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Back, briefly.
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Back, briefly.
great shirt!
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The last days of summer.

Ha! Crusty poses in front of his bookcase lined with art books. And I pose in front of a leaf bag. Sheesh.
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P Johnson MTM for RB, Thomas Mason Silver Line shirting for RB, P Johnson 7fold tie in chocolate, Drakes PS

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Wow, those vegetables look ginormous Victor. They are about the same size as the meat, impressive!

And you look really nice satisfied.gif
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*deleted* double post

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CP, that's really nice. If you described that combination to me, I would have been leery, but that works.
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Last days of linen.

Details on the shoes please

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Semi-crappy iPhone photo, so the colors are slightly off. The tie is slightly darker in real life, not so stop-light red as it turned out in the photo shog[1].gif.

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It's to be a warm day here in NYC - the suit is unlined, which is good.

For breaking rules today, I'm wearing loafers with a suit - something to upset the purists.

Suit - Paul Stuart
Shirt - Tyrwhitt
Tie - Lewin
PS - Robert Talbott
Cufflinks - Deakin & Francis, via De Natale, NYC
Shoes - BB Peals

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



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Since I actually do have a blog-column (a fact that I've forgotten, much of this year), I will be brief about this afternoon's suit fitting at Graham Browne. Having head tailor Russel back from his break really expedited the process this time and a number of your suggestions were taken on board. They're even accounting for the differing lengths of my actual arms:
  • The shoulders will be less padded / roped, which should also take care of any pitch issues
  • The trousers should be more or less what I want by next time - the bootcut remains, but the desired tapering in the thighs and seat - as I mentioned in the original post - is in the offing
  • The jacket waist will be less pronounced. This should avert the big hipped look, though in traditional English style, there will be a skirted appearance
  • Finally, I rather undersold the colour previously - it's darker and a touch more coppery / rusty; it also changes a little in different lighting. Disclaiming again that the premises are strongly lit and hostile to Photoshopping, I think that this one is more accurate (this was taken before the pinning began):
I'll do a post or two on my blog-column; perhaps the next time the suit appears here will be an ensemble portrait. Thank you for playing along

Looks a lot better this time around.
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Poorly timed blink.


Trying to cling to the summer with some socks!

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