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Been a while since I've posted in here.....thoughts?

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First time posting..


Excuse the shitty pictures, they were taken on my phone which I've had for the past 2.5 years


What I have on is a Brooks Bros. navy blue jacket, Polo Ralph Lauren plaid shirt, pocket square was cut from a baby blue gingham shirt that was a thrift store find, cream colored slim fit chinos, Bostonian burgundy full wing tips and light blue woolen socks.






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I attended her wedding earlier this year; she and her husband are two of my closest pals

i remember that dancing pic, awesome shot.



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The essence of this thread . . . how do I look/ what can I do better? Bonus question: guess how much I paid for the whole ensemble (within $20), and I'll send you a tie! I'll give the answer after 24 hours.



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I once saw a fetishist hogtie himself with a cheap skipping rope. True story

I might make that my profile picture on that infamous social network
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Thank's for the positive feedback.
Regarding the color of the galosches, I prefer a muted color, bright red or orange is not for me. On this particular day I was travelling and didn't want to pack a pair of beaters and add more weight than necessary to the suitcase.
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It's Friday, and anticipated to be seasonably warm, hence the lack of tie.

Blazer, shirt, trousers, and shoes - BB
PS - Robert Talbott

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



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I'm going to disappoint you all terribly; library day, so wearing items which are comfortable as opposed to smart.


'Curtis' by Hawes and Curtis pink-striped, button-cuff shirt.


Barbour trousers.


Rockport Driving Shoes. Before you all start crying, I find Rockport slip-ons to be very decent; extremely comfortable, not bank-busting (around £80-£90) and they last ages. I have a few pairs and they have all lasted in excess of 4-5 years so far.

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Here's what I wore on Wednesday at work. I'm wearing Country Road white shirt, Tenery knitted tie...



Thursday - black bespoke suit (apology for the lump on arms, I took this pic wearing the suit) and navy 100% cotton tie and emerald tie-pin






Finally, here's my look for today...Friday, no suit but simple blazer, red check shirt and green CD tie. Happy Weekend Gentlemen!!!!



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The weather in NYC has warmed up a bit, but I'm ignoring it for today, and am letting out my inner peacock a bit.
Suit - Paul Stuart
Shirt - BB MTM
Tie - Charvet
PS - Robert Talbott
Braces - PRL
Cufflinks - Benson & Clegg
Shoes - Harris, via Barney's NYC
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Nice shoes, how's the quality?
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Yesterday. Pale blue shirt, foo.gif PS

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Originally Posted by goodlensboy View Post

Nice shoes, how's the quality?

I have two pairs of Harris shoes, and they both seem to be of good, if not outstanding, quality - C & J is a bit better, IMHO, but certainly they are well-made and they can have very interesting designs (some are also not to my taste).
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Originally Posted by evolved View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Been a while since I've posted in here.....thoughts?

Nice coin. Double-header with Julie and Bea? Birth year?
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A shirt/tie combo I've worn before and really like despite the apparent clash. I only muster up enough foolhardiness to wear it once a year or two though... but I still like it when I do! :)


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^^ I thought that was camouflage before I saw the close up. You sir, are more daring than I!

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