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would that be more SW&D?
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Originally Posted by justinkapur View Post

i have seen a few of your posts and i think you should lurk more before posting. I dont want to be mean but I am not a fan of almost every fit you have posted. fits of different pieces are not where they should be and the different pieces dont work together. just my 0.02

Originally Posted by IrateCustomer View Post

How about something more constructive other than advising him to stop posting. Like this:
You can do much better with denim for this fit. The cut and wash are very dated and unflattering, not to mention that cuff is doing you know favors. The pants are far to informal for those shoes and the top half. The color combination up top is fine, and I really like the orange here. Go git you some newer cut jeans, and go for a length that fits you better.
Edit: Oh, and get that cable box on the left fixed. That's a fire hazard.

Originally Posted by edmorel View Post

CW - purple and green is a tough combo
SS- your pants are where you usually go astray, either in fit or style.
I'm aware, I'll go back to the drawing board trouser wise this coming week. I have a pair of grey trouser I'm sure are more SF approved.
Originally Posted by F. Corbera View Post

I prefer southernstyle's fratty-kudzu ensembles to many others posted recently in this thread.
I do not say that to encourage what he's doing, but his decisions seem familiar while many others made seem rather alien to me.
I realize that many of you aren't American.
I'll take a comment like this from vox, I have to be doing something at least decently bad.
Originally Posted by clapeyron View Post

now that's a fit matching the condition of your abode...

I would be offended by this if it wasn't a leased house at school with two fraternity brothers and two dogs. I'm actually very fortunate to have a great permanent residence and good up bringing.
Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post


I wish our landlord would power wash... and fix the leak in the roof.

As far as rolled denim jorts, I don't know about that. Wait till it gets 100* I'll put out the shorts, something properly paint splattered and Rugby meets J. Press just for you.
Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

southernstyle's jacket seems a bit shouldery, but even with that I think he looks stylish. Y'all need to stop drinkin' that Haterade. If you want to give him some pointers on refining his style, that's wonderful, but this nonsense about telling him to stop posting is just stupid.

Thank you, I actually workout around 2 hours a day and have broad shoulders and a large over arm so its more myself and not the jacket.

I realize I have a ton of stuff to work on (especially trouser wise) but I try to gain knowledge every day and progress while still keeping some of my own flair. Shit, I'll be old later and eventually have to rock CBD so I might as well have fun with it for now. In the mean time I consider myself fortunate enough to be able to afford MTM at my age so I'm slowly working on building a good high quality wardrobe.
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Southernstyle... I think all you need is a better pair of denims and (for me personally) different shoes. Maybe something brown like your belt. And then that would be flash! 

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Originally Posted by Mr.Sam View Post


not good, imo
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SS I have two suggestions for you.

But, I will say, first, that I like your look today aside from the pants. I think you could have avoided a lot of grief by wearing even some tan pants with this. the jeans are dad-jean like as you said it and they don't flatter. You have heard all this before but..now for my two suggestions

1) you seem to be trying to go for the sid mashburn-isn look, but, correct me if I am wrong, you look rather stocky (in a built, NOT chubby way) and south of 6ft. I think that look works best for people with a longer, leaner, more slender body types. I have learned that dressing to your body type, no matter what it is, is better than trying to put a round peg into a square hole and mimic a style that doesn't mesh well with your natural proportions. The no break, ankle showing pant, mixed with formal shoe, mixed with the structured blazer look isn't the style that would suit you best. I think you need a longer inseam, more rounded and natural shoulders on your jackets, and some wingtip bluchers, alden boots, or a suede cap toe, something like that. I think cuffs look good on you but they need to be smaler and with only a slight break. The no break look makes you appear to be shorter, which only extenuates your natural shape, not complimenting it. Same with the shoulders of your blazer, it fits well in the chest but it just seems to add more bulk rather than elongating your shoulder line and giving the effect of a drop between your shoulders and waist. It kinda looks like you are wearing football pads, when a more sloped, natural shoulder would look very nice on you I think. For reference, maybe try a polo II cut SC, or a corneliani leader/mantua model. I know there are tons more, but those are the ones I have first hand knowledge of. I also think you would benefit from a longer jacket (half an inch or so) along with a longer inseam to give more flow to your jackets, I have noticed this on myself and I think it looks better.

2) I think you need to go back to basics with your shirts and ties. Today is a great example. this is your best shirt/blazer/tie combo ever in my humble opinion. Try to just wear or purchase solid or minimally patterned shirts and ties with simple patterns (geometrics, pindots, rep stripe, herringbone, grenadine, knit etc.) for the next few months and expand from there. Your ties and shirts often seem thrown together haphazardly which makes the look appear sloppy even if everything else fits ok.

Best of luck, I know what it is like to live off a small budget and trying to dress well while looking so young. I also think you may even benefit from not posting your face, not that it is bad, but I think you may get more constructive feedback when your face is more of a mystery and your clothes can speak for themselves.

I agree with vox, you have a distinctly american, southern, frat style which is in it's nascent stages. You just need to try to build from a solid foundation, rather than tossing out the rule book.

As for the negative comments,remember, real people are posting this stuff. It is hard to post initially and we all had to start somewhere. Criticism is great, but just saying whatever you feel like can only lead to rash posts and alot of useless (yet sometimes funny) banter. Just take a deep breath and think before you say something. Don't mean to soapbox, there is freedom of speech and when you post here, it is fair game and open season, but lets remember we all have bad days..
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I agree with most of you, but how's a green tassel loafer a "formal" shoe?

I believe those shoes do work with jeans...

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^ I think it just looks really shiny and formal compared to the rest of the fit. I think this fit called for either a leather blucher, a more rustic loafer, or some kind of suede boot or derby etc.
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I like the faded denim with navy SC...
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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

I like the faded denim with navy SC...

+1 Provides a nice contrast.
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Originally Posted by Citan1145 View Post

^ I think it just looks really shiny and formal compared to the rest of the fit. I think this fit called for either a leather blucher, a more rustic loafer, or some kind of suede boot or derby etc.

 I see. I would probably have picked suede if I were to wear this, and I agree the green loafers don't really work for this outfit in particular, they're clashing somehow; I just don't see them "too formal" for jeans. Guess it's just my opinion :)


If anything, what looks too formal IMO is the white spread collar dress shirt...

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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

I like the faded denim with navy SC...

I actually dont mind the color of the jeans. I am not huge into the dark dark denim thing
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Aaah, cognitive dissonance! smile.gif
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