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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

please to watch the language. wink.gif



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Originally Posted by jrd617 View Post

Could be the way you're standing, but the pants look baggy and the jacket looks very slim waisted.


I somewhat agree about the jacket, even though it doesn't look that slim to me, but he looks wide-hipped (correct me if I'm wrong), and skinny pants look ridiculous on wide-hipped men; they create a feminine figure...

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Originally Posted by Threadbearer View Post

Why did you decide to put flap pockets on this jacket, Vic? Donegal seems to cry out for patch pockets, no?
It's a gorgeous piece either way. I'm only asking because I'm just starting to experiment with MTM sport coats and I'm trying to learn the customs and protocols.


It is not necessary.

Most certainly do patch pockets at the bottom of the bar plus a slit pocket on the chest (or a patch pocket on the chest)


But sometimes you can do and welt pockets at the bottom of valve.

Just jackets with pockets with flaps luchshe ordering less, approximately one (1) coat with flaps to 3-4 jackets with patch pockets. (it's all for my taste)


The first 2-3 of the tweed jacket, I would recommend to do with patch pockets at the bottom. And with slit pocket - on the chest.


By the way is sometimes nice to look jackets with patch pockets with flaps.

But here it is important not to be mistaken with the choice of the figure, the thickness of tissue and the rules of the location of the pockets.

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Originally Posted by MrDaniels View Post

Watch it! NO ONE disses Harvey Specter!

I don´t diss him. Just his tieknots.

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Originally Posted by dustinmyself View Post

second attempt.


If you stood up straight, as in put your shoulders back, you would probly look a whole lot better than you do stooped over forwards.

Then, as others have said..
Shirt collar, lose the button down, longer blades.
Trousers too long - too many breaks on the way down the leg, should only be one small break at the ankle
Tie colour is too weak for the ensemble.
Jacket shoulders padded, but thats fairly normal with off the rack.

So Change your shirt and tie, stand up straight (shoulders back) and at some stage have your trouser hems done.

Not too bad for a beginner IMHO.
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Originally Posted by acridsheep View Post


Your outfit looks really good top to bottom, and not even a whiff of acridity! shog[1].gif

Your trousers are outstanding, they drape, and break, beautifully. satisfied.gif

and no, you don't look like a clown at all...

Pretty damn impressive for a casual outfit if you ask me.
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Victor - please post more!

Mao - please post more!

This is horrible!! - please post less!
Originally Posted by tacobender View Post

Was on the go all day today....
Originally Posted by Fantastic Mr Foxx View Post

A rare sighting... smile.gif
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Swag from the recent trip to London & Paris.

Suit - New & Lingwood (new)
Shirt - BB
Tie - Lewin
Cufflinks New & Lingwood (new)
Braces - Paul Stuart
Shoes - Finsbury, Paris (new)

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



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Guys/thumbs uppers, these are not full trousers, they are Milano fit from Brooks Brothers, their slimmest trouser. That said, this jacket is too tight, for sure.
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not sure if this is all working together or not confused.gif

Warning: tie pr0n! (Click to show)

edit - excuse the porch mess. morning shopping wasnt brought in the house just yet.
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What is the bag you are carrying?
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