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Looks very good. Hard to judge the fit though.

Originally Posted by Sir F View Post

One more picture from last week at a work event (forgot to post it) going db here which i'm not used to. Not the best picture either to see a full-fit but I hope it works smile.gif!



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At least in this photo the ensemble is not to taste. Less is more. Like in your DB fit above.

Originally Posted by Sir F View Post

Well my outfit for tonight, have a nice weekend you all!


Suit: Corneliani

Shirt: Borrelli

Tie: Brioni

PS: Tom Ford

Shoes: G&G



bild 4.JPG


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

bild 3.JPG

bild 2.JPG

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Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post

Spoo, you're Asian?

He's latino
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Someone is going old school...


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Apropos, recent comments regarding the poster once known as Foo.

This post, for me, still rates as the greatest post on SF ever:
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This thread was also legendary.

Standards have slipped a bit since those days.
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Guys, the thumbs up/compliments are much appreciated! Late reply due to a rockin' weekend icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif Not lookin' forward to reality tomorrow frown.gif

Originally Posted by steffenbp11 View Post

@ Ian: not sold on the DB, but that is a fantastic tie. Linen ?
Thanks man, silk blend shantung-ish type thing...can check for you if you want, just pm me smile.gif
Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post

ianGP, I think I have identified the proportion issue with your suits. I think you could use a shorter jacket like I mentioned previously, but also a slightly higher buttoning point. I think this is an issue with a lot of shorter men who get jackets hemmed. It throws off the top/bottom proportions. If you do the Flusser rule where the button point should be in the middle of the floor and the top of your head I think you will see that this is a touch higher.
Yeah - I'm gonna see Chan this July, see what we can drum up smile.gif
Not familiar with that Flusser rule shog[1].gif care to elaborate?
Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

You remind me of me on anabolic steroids
Originally Posted by SpooPoker 
I feel like I should contribute something to this thread... but for right now : 1. Great idea for a thread, HF. 2. I hate Hamish. He outbid me for something at Sothebys once while looking me right in the eyes. Fucker. However I did cut him off at the estate sale for a recently deceased NYC socialite whose clothes he was collecting. He was on line ahead of me with a notepad that had certain pieces he wanted to target for his collection, so I beelined right for them and bought them. Carry on.
I was like rotflmao.gif
And then worship.gif

Originally Posted by Holdfast View Post

I like the jacket. The shoulders seem more proportinate on you and I like the fairly low buttoning point and wide & bellied lapels. Yes, definitely one of my favourites of the jackets you've posted.

Trousers are always going to be a bit tricky for you b/c I think you're slightly bow-legged, which makes it difficult for them to drape cleanly. But overall, I think I like this suit the best from the ones you've posted. Shirt/tie combo is great for the colour of the suit, as well.
Thanks for the compliment! Yeah I had a talk with Despos about trouser balance/drape on bowed legs. I'll bring it up to Chan, I'm sure they've got a fix wink.gif
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Coat: Caruso
Shirt: Cottonwork
Tie: Henry Carter Neckwear
Scarf: Henry Carter Neckwear scottish cashmere
Trousers: HY light grey flannel
Shoes: Carmina Brown Captoe
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"nice fit and colours"
"Lovely outfit Sir, and an excellent tie knot I might add. Lovely colours as well."
"Nice combo, but jacket sleeves seem a bit long in the full-length shot."
"One of the nicest shirts I've seen. Great tie (and knot)! Good stuff, sir!"

Thanks fellas! Upr Crust you're right about the sleeves, they are a little long. But considering this is OTR and completely unaltered, it's nothing short of a miracle it fits as well as it does. nod[1].gif
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First post here, please dont tear me a new one lookaround.gif

And please excuse the dirty mirror


foto 1.JPG


foto 2.JPG


foto 3.JPG

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Love your PS-Tie-combo, nice shoes too! Keep up the good work.

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Lovely tie.
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Same old, but had a chance to wear a suit again today

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Originally Posted by mburer View Post

First post here, please dont tear me a new one lookaround.gif

And please excuse the dirty mirror




foto 2.JPG




Not a huge fan of the pants/socks/shoes combo. I think at least one of them needs to change, maybe a darker shoe or an entirely different color sock.  Although I do like the shoes, just not with the rest of the clothes.

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