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Originally Posted by Lionheart Biker View Post

Originally Posted by Kid Nickels View Post

good question...
Socks?? He means specifically... like SW&Ds search after some s/s '09 Achilles or a RO leather from a/w '06/'07 or something. so are there some grail items like a Malo or Cucinelli cashmere from '08 or a certain run of Drake's for which they ran out of material? or maybe it's this....

CDHagg is clueless and not to be taken seriously. "Trousers, socks".... facepalm.gif



FYI I was just being facetious.  What I meant by saying that MC grail items are "shirts, trousers, suits, socks, pants, blazers, etc." is that MC has a more structured mindset.  In SW&D, people have such divergent ways of dressing that there isn't one "grail item" that applies to a majority or even a select minority.  In MC, everyone wears suits and trousers and sport coats and socks and shoes, so those items are the "grail items" that an outfit is based upon.


And btw, I'm a real person, not just Style Forum user CDHagg.  I really wish people would stop pushing me around and laughing at my expense so much.


Originally Posted by acecow View Post

Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post

So has acecow been officially voted the new village idiot of MC now or does he need to prove himself a little bit more with more asinine remarks and horrific fits like that green abortion one of the other day?
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




Dude, I said that was a joking fit.



Acecow knows how to dress.  This fit is not a typical example.


Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Where is aeglus lately? He really is the best bridge poster I have seen.


Aeglus is living in Korea right now I think.  He posts SW&D fits every now and then of himself livin' it up at a club.


@Shah I'd like to read your posts and see what you have to say, but there's too much flowery prose and not enough content.  Please be more pithy - I think it would help you communicate better. biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post

Neither subforum is perfect, that's for sure. There's a lot of ugliness and co-optation of poor taste in both. That said, MC has a lot to learn from the collective knowledge of SW&D when it comes to casual dress, colors and fit, but most refuse to accept it. And SW&D has a lot to learn from the collective knowledge of MC when it comes to less casual dress, particularly fit and fabrics, but most refuse to accept it. I wish neither camp was so quick at shooting down advice from the other side, along with mocking the messengers. I do think having bridge posters like Parker, MoK, etc... should continue to open minds.

isn't sw&d a big brand whoring party? that's at least what i gather from my regular excursions... not sure what you mean by the collective knowledge, though.

you mentioned it several times, it doesn't get through to me.
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Originally Posted by fritzl View Post

isn't sw&d a big brand whoring party? that's at least what i gather from my regular excursions... not sure what you mean by the collective knowledge, though.
you mentioned it several times, it doesn't get through to me.


also half the fits moo posted are kinda lame
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Actually I like a few of the fits Moo posted except the ill-fitting suit. I detest it so much, it just gives off a bad hobo vibe. Don't really like the 6th picture either, feel that it doesn't match/complement his facial features. The rest are good and seems to gel well with their feature.

Clothes are meant to make you look good and accentuate/complement your features or proportions. If you had killer looks or could project the right vibe perhaps you could get away with it but it's obvious most of you trying that whole oversized suit thing don't. You can't just blindly follow trends without reflecting on whether it actually suits you.

Style is knowing what works for you and what doesn't, wear clothes that bring out your strengths and downplay your flaws. Introduce new elements or trends that WORK with your features to keep your look fresh/new all while having it stay coherent with the vibe you have been constantly giving out to people.
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What just happened to the WAYWRN thread that I know and love?
That was eight pages of arguing / nitpicking that I would rather not wade through, and it really should have been moved to a new thread.
In other words, please, stop crapping up the thread.

To bring things back on track:
Originally Posted by UrbanComposition View Post

Chance of showers today...
900 Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

+1 on this outfit.

My only nitpick: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
It does look as though the waistcoat has ridden up / bunched up, skewing the trouser-waistcoat balance.
I'm not sure if that is just your position in this shot, or if it is a fit issue.
That, of-course, is to my untrained eye. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Suffice to say, a very dapper look smile.gif
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Photos, no semiotics . . .

Suit & Tie - BB
Shirt - Lewin
Cufflinks - Cable Car Clothiers, SF
Shoes - Harris, via Barney's, Boston

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



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Originally Posted by Fuuma View Post

However I prefer to wear something that has to do with a current reflection on dressing than folklore/artisanship. Make no mistake, I like some of the bespoke offering and would probably indulge if I stopped being curious and appreciating new things but that is simply not the case. I listen to new music, look at new art, read new books, enjoy new design and new clothes. Dead art belongs in art tombs (museums) and dead clothes in old movies and photobooks, it is quite possible that I'll reach the prototypical mental state of middle-age and this is when I'll wear bespoke. Won't be a sad event or anything but I'll definitely have a very different concept of self.

Hmmm. I understand what you are saying, but it is sad to me that anyone would narrow their viewpoint so much that he would cut off all the things beautiful that are of the past and and that are continued from the past.

Refuse Paris, embrace a skyrise box in Dubai? Newness is more often ugly than not, much like many of the "fits" presented as counter-examples to the shitty "casual" dress of the MC masses possessing supposedly worse taste than the fashion crowd.

I am also surprised by the pseudo-venerative relating of a phenomenon centered around merchandizing to high art (the condition of which is not in great shape today, either.) If there is "reflection" going on with designer clothes, it is of the most shallow kind with the low mental velocity sufficient enough only to give a cultish push-off to selling product.

Here's the thing: it is quite possible to enjoy the best, most interesing things that are old as well as new.
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My only comment on the ongoing conversation taking place in this thread . . . .
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It's been a great conversation.

My contribution is: what MC'ers mean by "timeless" is that it will be something they will want to wear 10 years down the road.

Not external, though mostly they don't know it, but internal.
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Another crappy photo. Gone all mod today in the spirit of the discussion / cross-over between MC and SW&D. Everything's black, blue and grey. Tie is a skinny charcoal wool number from Barney's Co-op, shirt is a Ben Sherman OCBD, blue-black herringbone suit was made for me by Raja based on a suit my father had cut for him in London in 1965. Hair is model's own. Not shown: suit trousers, black Paul Smith socks, Loake Chelsea boots...


Photo on 2012-03-20 at 08.26 #3.jpg

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Thing with a lot of SW&D fits are the serious/sad/angry faces the posters pull, despite their casual clothes. Many successful MC posters meanwhile, in their stuffy old formal clothes, look like they're enjoying life. Is that an incoherent combination, or maybe cognitive dissonance? confused.gif
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whoa this side moves fast!!
anyways the moolure has been cast and caught many a fish laugh.gif

on sw&d we hear many stories about how mean/[insert insult here] you MCers are, they are like folk tales passed on from one forum generation to another.
Id say that it is mostly a myth after this experiment. I received 12 thumbs up and only a few negative comments, which speaks to the open-mindedness of the MC side.

If you'll have me again it would be a pleasure but i think im going to retreat back into SWD for a bit redface.gif ...i didnt mean to derail the thread lol
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I used to be a streetwear guy. I wanted to learn more about quality and construction, and what makes something good as opposed to bad, great from mediocre, and that path inevitably leads to classic dress, and classic tailoring. You cannot want to dress in better made clothes and not be lead to what the past as offered us whether that be a button up shirt, and wool pants, or a suit and tie, I just feel that is the way that it is.
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Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post
Originally Posted by the shah View Post

naw not same, every may want to have gats (not necessarily true, just example) but that's not like some dude who found his 2000-whatever 1 of 10 produced donkey leather Carpe Diem backzips in bone or early-iteration Yohji pants nowhere to be found etc etc


That might just be because MC clothing is a tad more interchangeable (though this may just be because I know less about it) - i.e. maker X makes sportcoats to be lusted after but they do the same every season so it's not quite like the ultra-rare items from defunct brands and such that will never be seen again outside of ebay.

I don't know. People fuss about some pretty weird exclusive/niche items in MC too. The appeal of (pretty ugly) shoes made reindeer hide that had been underwater for hundreds of years goes right over my head, for instance...

... another example would be people ordering cloth that's been specially rewoven based on some item someone wore 50 or 100 years ago. Again, pretty recherche...


Originally Posted by F. Corbera View Post

I don't believe that Shah and I are arguing.

You're not really arguing with each other, that's true. You're arguing about what to argue about, which, pleasingly, is both more entertaining to read, and more likely to result in general illumination.


Originally Posted by Lionheart Biker View Post

I see no reason in continuing this discussion. We´re in a style forum and though we bash on each other, at times for the smallest details (nitpicking at its highest), we´re definately above the standard that plebes set. We´re the Crixus, gannicus, Oenomaeus, the Spartacus of the world; true Gods of the Arena, and those who walk among us are just plain observers wishing they had our "strength" (read: sartorial knowledge) and looked as good while slaying competitors left and right.

Who will play the role of Crassus in this little historical recreation? :)

Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post

Some looks from the best of WAYWT over on SWD...

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)







The sub-selection I've just picked out would be my four favourites, though admitteldy the last one got a nod more because it reminds me of an 80s music video. First three look both interesting and wearable for those with a lifestyle to match.









Back in suits after a run of casual days, but not really formal, as having some kaleidoscopic fun with the patterns:


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Here's the thing, and I'll use the two most commonly-cited members who bridge "both styles" ostensibly represented by the bifurcation of this particular forum.

When Parker and MoK are posting "fits" in SW&D, they are not posting "casual" ensembles. They are pretty much wearing those fits in the same work and play context for which they had posted coat and tie looks. It has little to do with notions of formality or informality. It's a persona change, top to bottom, and not the same as someone who dresses in tailored clothes for part of the day or week dressing down for other parts. There is no dress up or dress down for SW&D. You wear the same thing all day, all week, and everywhere, and then you put a pea coat or poncho on top of that in winter.

When today's Phat Guido is required by his employer to eschew coat and tie entirely, he is not wearing "casual" clothes at work. The employer conformity demand is no less formal than Tom Watsons IBM. The difference is that it's one-note dress compared to what PG had been calling "grown man style."

I feel that guys like gdl203 who switch back and forth are an impossible models for most guys. Ther aren't any examples of SW&D members who escape their context to look fantastic in tailored clothes, so I'm not sure why anyone thinks the turning the tables is what would work for "MCers."

There are plenty of ways an adult man to look great without coat and tie that yet remain coherent with a life in tailored clothes without untucking his shirt from his pants and stuffing his pants into his hi-top kicks.
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