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Originally Posted by Omar1223 View Post

romeo, i think the pants look perfect, dont uncuff them.
why did you go glen plaid on your first mid gray suit? why not solid, if you dont mind me asking?

i had a chance to pick up that BB fitz saxxon suit for a great price
brand new and unaltered and in my size

i had been wanting a patterned suit... and a mid-gray at some point...
it just happened that the two things were found together in one suit
Originally Posted by Deedee View Post

I also think romeos suit looks great on him. Something lighter suits you well.

hmm really? i feel like darker colors suit me better
i like the suit but it was a little odd for me wearing the mid gray yesterday
i want some more shades of blue in my suits
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Originally Posted by Threadbearer View Post

Threadbearer (Click to show)

Very disappointing that I can't get a good photo of the Kent Wang PS.
It's quite luxurious -- perhaps a bit too formal for day-wear, in fact.


The lapels seem lost in that expanse of fabric, TB. Is there a lot of extension of the shoulders past your natural shoulder? I want to like, but it's coming off a bit linebacker-ish.
Originally Posted by XKxRome0ox View Post

Rome (Click to show)

Your best so far, Rome.
Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger View Post

NYR (Click to show)


Love the top half, Rob. (The laces are a fun touch, too.) I wish the trousers were a "weightier" fabric though.
Originally Posted by Parker View Post

Parker (Click to show)


mc'd up today
chan corduroy suit
mytailor chambray
howard yount lavendar knit tie
shipton & heneage loafers

Home run. (Baseball metaphors are okay out of season, right?)
Originally Posted by F. Corbera View Post

Originally Posted by Manton 

Herewith the first of the promised Apparel Arts charts.

This first set is from an eight-page gatefold from 1935. It begins with illustrations that demonstrate first principles:


On the left we have a "Don't!" and on the right we have a "Do." The commentary speaks well for itself. I add only that the ensemble on the left looks quite a bit like the Prince Charles picture posted in the first thread. The combination on the right is the classic way to combine patterns in a sophisticated manner. It's relatively easy to pair a neat patterned tie with a striped suit if the shirt is solid, or even a striped tie and checked shirt with a solid suit. Pairing a patterned shirt with a patterned coat is much harder. This is the place to start if you are just learning. Using a solid tie in this way is a time-honored sign of a well dressed man.


On the left, another disaster. Like the prior example, the problem is too much of a single meme. On the right, success. It may look jarring at first, but remember that these are line drawings; they are not seriously suggesting that you wear a white jacket with black stripes. Reading the caption, you can see that it was drawn this way to emphasize the lines. Note also the capacious ground on the tie, and the far-spaced dots. This is in keeping with some of the comments I made in a prior thread.


Both of these are successes. Try to get past the Bugsy Siegel first impression of the jacket on the left. Remember: line drawing. It's just to represent scale, in this case of a bold check. It's another application of the principle: Jacket and shirt patterned, plus solid tie. It works. On the left we have a "diagonal stripe" coat. This is apparently not merely a twill weave but something like the Richard Anderson signature. Not something one sees much. I really doubt this would work if the stripes on tie went the other way. Also, clearly a checked or spotted tie of some kind would work, too.


Two more that "work." We have only one pattern on the left, but a striking ensemble nonetheless. The ensemble on the right is a bit mundane -- who doesn't know how to pair a dotted tie with a basic patterned coat -- but it works.


Here we have a brief explanation of pattern design. While the judgement is correct in these two cases, I'm not sure I entirely buy the explanation. A busy pattern is not in and of itself a disaster. This particular busy pattern fails in its attempt to meld two small elements. A pattern that melds one big with one small -- say, a nailhead with a windowpane -- can work marvelously.


This is just a cautionary about how to pair stripes. I trust none of us will find it controversial.

Full quote for posterity.
Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Spoo (Click to show)


Lovely, Spoo. This is the sweet spot.
Originally Posted by Holdfast View Post

Fun(ny) sort of day, so a prophetically fun(ny) sort of outfit to go with it...

Holdfast (Click to show)

ZOMG. Waaaay too much going on here, Doc. Is that an odd waistcoat or part of a suit? It looks promising.

Also, not that you asked, but you should arrange for someone to kidnap that shirt and then not pay the ransom.
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Originally Posted by Fred49 View Post

Whats the year on the Mustang?

It is a brand new 2012. Not quite as loud as my '81 Fairmont wagon though. LOL.

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You really are the true GROWN ASS Man. LOL
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Originally Posted by WhyAlwaysMe View Post


Looks great! Keep it up
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^ oh my God a fashion prince!!!smile.gif
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Anyone know where Victor is?
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Not a fan at all of the latest Holdfast, far too busy.
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Originally Posted by Sir Spaz View Post



Nice suit.
I would personally wear a spread collar shirt to go with the wide lapels of the jacket.

I like the Club Collar, that is why I wore it. I usually wear a spread with this suit, but I wanted to mix it up.

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Originally Posted by WhyAlwaysMe View Post

I don't work yet...




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Originally Posted by acridsheep View Post



Alisheep pose?
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Originally Posted by acridsheep View Post


That is about as good as it gets. Slick, stylish and professional...and calls just enough attention to itself. Now you should feel free to write a book...
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