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Kevin may not like my photo - this is normal.

But he accused me of cheating and falsely said that I seemed to be working on Pronin, and they dressed me for free.

This blatant lie can not be punished.

I just - the client Pronin, for all the clothes I give my money.
(Boee detail I have already described a few pages earlier, anyone interested - see there).

And Kevin accuses me of all the deadly sins.

How should I proceed?

Though he a fool, but to answer for their false words - must.

If I were someone falsely accused as well be in real life - I would have just broke the man's hand or mouth.

And Kevin cowardly barks from a distance, and thinks he is safe.

But it is not.

And so - a lawsuit - a perfect solution, does not it?

Although on reflection - I realized that too got excited.

After all, if the basement to the court for every fool and a liar, then the courts will not suffice.

Kevin was a fool, a fool is a fool and remain.

Just try not to pay attention to him.

But a little sad that some people here believe in the words of a fool, not understanding until the end of what he says ...

Oh well! In life, too good to waste time on bad!

Thanks to all those who did not succumb to false provocation Kevin, whose motives are obvious, just look at Kevin's "masterpiece" photo and everything becomes clear.

However - I wish Kevin good luck. May his soul time will change and he will be smarter than ever ... So help him God!

If anyone has any questions on this subject - I am prepared to answer these questions.

Or if not - then this topic is closed.

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kevinsp stop fucking up this thread thanks.
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Assuming that is the case, I fail to understand why it would matter if Victor got a discount for his clothing from Pronin. His fits, color combination, photography are generally out of the top drawer. Who cares how much he pays for them.
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Wow and i thought i have a lot of free time...
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Kevin, you're conflating two different situations.

1. "I will give you a discount if you allow me to use photos of you for promotional purposes"

2. "I will give you a discount if you start an account at Styleforum and post photos of my products there"

#2 is textbook shilling. #1 is not shilling assuming the customer came to the forum on his own volition.
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I love it when a thread goes into orbit. nod[1].gif

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I will answer only one question:

Pronin not sell any stuff is not its production. They honestly produce their stuff.

All that I bought to put on all over the world and in many stores.

Nothing to do with Pronin not.

My own discount at Pronin standard for all regular customers - about 10-15%.

I'm not chasing a discount, I can afford to buy clothes and no discounts.

As for my words on poverty - that I meant not "poverty" and "unfortunate" and an incorrect interpretation - it's flaws electronic translator.

You are pretty bored with me, Kevin ...

I do not want to pay attention to you. lol8[1].gif 


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It's probably time to move on, but Kevin raised a more general issue.

"If the relationship is hidden, it’s dishonest, and not fair to others, as the poster will be disguising his real purpose for being here, ostensibly looking for critiques and in reality flogging product. If it’s open, then… I think the rules of the forum would prohibit unpaid advertising on this site, which is what it amounts to."

I wouldn't think so. We have posters, who post from their employers' stores, openly acknowledging the fact. It's advertising but it's also a lot of fun. Viktor was quite open about his relationship / friendship with his tailor and I still fail to see the issue. If Pronin is paying Viktor handsomely to enliven this thread, my thanks to Pronin for his generosity.

Let's call it a day with lawsuits / allegations and continue posting / assessing fits.
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People - stop flooding!

Returning to the subject of debate combinations, normal discussion and exchange of experience!





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Originally Posted by VictorSF View Post


I often use the following bags:

Berluti (leather )

Alfredo Beretta (suede and crocodile)

Finamore (cordovan)

Santoni (deer)

Bally (leather and fur)

Aquascutum (fabric and leather)


Aquascutum (fabric and leather)

Etro (leather)

Etro (fabric and leather)

Etro (leather )

A. G. Spalding & Bros. (leather)

A. G. Spalding & Bros. (Fabric and leather)

A. G. Spalding & Bros. (leather)

Pollini (leather)

Ralph Lauren (fabric and leather)

Just a few bags I use quite often.

I plan to buy a couple bags of Berluti. I like them.




I wanted to upload a photo, but today a bad speed Internet. But many of these bags can be seen in the photographs that I have fasted before. You can search for them in my message, if it's interesting.

definitely go ahead and post photos of your bags victor.
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Originally Posted by Eason View Post


All done. Now time to buy some ties and a clear raincoat...

If you excuse me, I need to return some videotapes.

you look like a vamp from twilight
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If only Vox would analyze / summarize this exchange.

By the way, where are Someotherstyle, TCHouston, MoK, and W.O.E?
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Let's go back to the topic.
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Nice pictures above.
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